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Website owners always want to know how much their sites are worth, and that is why website valuation tools are so popular on the Internet. Over the years I came across several of them, and in this article I will talk about some.

1. DnScoop

During my tests the valuations were realistic at least. It tilted on, but the other three were not bad. I still would not use this tool for a real evaluation, but we can say it didn’t suck as bad as the others.

Sample Valuations:

  • value: $4.53 Million
  • value: $25,288
  • value: $4,452
  • value: $0

Factors considered:

  • Domain Age
  • Google PageRank
  • Inbound Links
  • Alexa Traffic Ranking
  • Site Category

2. Stimator

The tool takes into consideration several factors, but the valuation seems overestimated.

Sample Valuations:

  • value: $1.66 Million
  • value: $886,458
  • value: $506,278
  • value: $51

Factors considered:

  • Google PageRank
  • Inbound Links
  • Traffic Volume
  • Domain Value
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directories Inclusion

3. BizInformation

Valuations are completely off the mark.

Sample Valuations:

  • value: $7.19 Million
  • value: $1.04 Million
  • value: $621,544.8
  • value: $2,639.6

Factors considered:

  • Traffic from
  • DMOZ listing
  • Google PageRank
  • External links
  • Social bookmarking sites

Other Tools
Some other tools that you might want to check. Most of them perform even worse than the ones I highlighted above though:



I would recommend using these website valuation tools only for fun. They can be useful to give you some data about the website in question, but that is about it.

If you want to buy or sell a website, nothing will substitute an individual and business oriented evaluation. That is, you will need to take a closer look at real traffic numbers, real revenues and profit margins, potential and the like. I talk more about it on the article How Much is My Site Worth?.

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37 Responses to “Website Valuation Tools Compared”

  • Mir Imran Elahi

    Free website valuation tools are useless to measure real value of a website.

  • TruXter

    I think most of these sites have changed their format. Since I first started looking my value has gone down even though my alexa rank got better and google page rank got much better.
    I loved Stimator back the first time I found them through you, but they seem to have changed their format. on site dropped from a value of 400k down to like $700.00.
    Huge drop even though I know have ten times th traffic of that site as apposed to what I had back then.
    I am assuming the changes have been made for the better to better reflect actual site worth. and I am cool with that.

  • Jason Bridgewater

    I think looking between the lines here it gives you a bit of an overview in terms some of the things that are looked at with regards to SEO. Obviously you have more of the technical on-site optimisation but these valuations seem to be beased on some external factors.

  • Alicia Crowder SEO

    These sites can be informative in ways of measuring traffic, however the values they show are all worthless. Well mostly. If the value of your site goes up, then you are doing soemthing good. If the value goes down then you are goofing up. It is always good to submit your link to these sites a couple times within a few minutes. See if the number changes drastically. If there is a huge change within seconds then it is just a random number generator.

    If your website is optimized properly and you generate traffic due to your best web design skills then these sites can be of a great value to you. If you do not know much about seo, then what are you here for ?

    LOL :p

  • Hiya

    I don’t know anybody would want to buy my site for $500 with a page rank of 0 but it is nice to dream.

  • Nial Fuller

    I think these things are a waste of time. My website value is in my own head, and only a webmaster can possibly know the value of their own sites. A waste of time if you ask me.

  • TruXter

    Yeah, some of these places give me freaky outrageous results, while some kind of put my right back in my place.
    would be nice if there was some major website auction site that we could use to get an average vote, or post our links and let strangers fake bid to give us an incentive to to sell them
    I mean website value is kind of hard to target.. how do they calculate? they say they factor stuff, but how many points for what? what if it’s incremental by great or low margins ?

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