4 Simple Ideas For Great Blog Video Content

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Contrary to popular belief you don’t need Hollywood-esque production value to create great video content for your blog. 

Frankly speaking some of the best blog video content stems from fairly simple ideas that are properly executed to create compelling content.

If you would like to create great blog video content, here are a few simple ideas that should give you a good place to start.

How-to guides and tutorials

Creating a guide or tutorial that shows viewers how to perform a certain task that they may be interested in or helps them to solve a particular problem is inherently useful.


Although often overlooked, interviews can be a great type of content. If it isn’t possible to record a face-to-face interview with a subject, you could even record footage from a video call instead.

Personal stories

Telling a story related to your blog’s niche can be a powerful way to foster an emotional response – particularly if the story is inspiring, humorous, touching, or something else of that nature.

Product reviews

The advantage of recording product reviews as videos is that you can showcase the product better and pinpoint precise areas of interest to the viewer.

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Daily Blog Tips