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Most of my offline friends and relatives know I work full time on the Internet, and as such many of them come to me asking how they can make their own websites. Instead of explaining the basics to each one, I tried to find a simple online tutorial for that. After some research I couldn’t find anything I liked, so I decided to create one. That is the story behind my latest project: HowToMakeAWebsite.net.

On the homepage of that site you’ll find a complete tutorial explaining how anyone can get a website up and running in a matter of hours. I cover how to choose the domain, how to get a hosting plan, how to install WordPress, how to choose a nice template and how to customize the website design. Over time I’ll polish and add more sections to that tutorial (suggestions are welcomed).

make a website screenshot

Starting next week I’ll publish other articles there too, covering aspects like website promotion, basic search engine optimization, web usability and so on.

If you subscribe to the newsletter of that site you’ll get the latest eBook I wrote, titled “50 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Website.” Subscribers of the Daily Blog Tips newsletter don’t need to subscribe again, as I’ll send them the direct download link later today.

Finally, any help spreading the word is appreciated (e.g., retweets, stumbles, bookmarks on Delicious and so on).

Update: Here’s another useful guide to build your first website, check it out.

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19 Responses to “Want To Make Your First Website?”

  • Paul

    Good looking site, and what I like is how well you go about repurposing content in all of these related projects of yours.

    Are you planning to do a post about how the site is going in a few months?

  • Sean – Social Media Advicer

    That’s a good idea to incorporate WordPress rather spending on design! Yes there are still many people who don’t plan on how to make a website in a better way. I think a downloaded version of wordpress to a website contains limited themes to chose? What say? However, people can find more free themes available.

  • Gary David | Build Your List Fast

    Thank you Daniel for sharing this. I’ve never created a website by myself, i always let someone do it for me. I will study this further, and see if I can make a website by myself for my next campaign.



  • cmdweb

    When I first started I was stunned how easy it was. I’m only an amateur but had my first site online for under £10 and in only 24 hours from deciding to do it.
    Congratulations on a great looking site. My next steps in the online world – day job allowing – will be to make the sites look and feel far more professional and to continue to write content.

  • Nasrul Hanis

    Nice! I’ll be there too! A good effort from you Daniel!

  • Dean Saliba

    Good luck with the new site.

    Personally I have never created a web site from scratch, I tend to find a template and then modfy the hell out of it.

    • Daniel Scocco

      That is what I recommend on my tutorial too. There is no need to learn HTML or to create websites from scratch these days.

      • Jill

        That’s great but for those of us that are not even that tech oriented, do you have any suggestions for learning how to use WordPress, FTP and the other things that are currently making my blogging/website experience one of abject misery and frustration?

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    Congratulations on launching your new site!

    I wish you all the success with your new campaign.


  • Dinesh

    It will be a great information from a experienced blogger.

    What is the purpose of starting it under new name? not with Dailyblogtips since both are about blog or website topic.

    I wanted to start a blog like it to share my blogging experience, but I’m doubting whether I can be succeeded with it, because lot of similar blogs out there. Whats your suggestion?

    Anyhow, Good Luck for your new project, I will be your regular reader.

    • Daniel Scocco

      I wanted the tutorial to stand on its own, that is why I opted for a new domain/site.

      The blogging niche is crowded indeed, so I would only recommend you to enter it if you have a good success with blogging in the past, because that is what will cause people to want to read your stuff.

      • Dinesh

        Yes, you are correct Daniel and Thanks for reply.

        I have good experience in registering domain names and left not doing anything. (I read about this on your blog too)

  • Ben Mural

    Great new project!

    I have been thinking about starting a new site and your new tutorial is extremely helpful and answers many of the questions I’ve had.

    • Daniel Scocco

      Glad you found it useful.

  • Jillian

    Congrats on the new site Daniel!

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with over there 🙂

  • Dev | Technshare


    This is really a great Project man.


  • Daniel Scocco

    Keep in mind you can use WordPress to create any kind of website, not just blogs. The are themes/plugins that will help you with that, plus WordPress is one of the most robust publishing platforms out there.

    • Matt Mansfield

      Agreed! However, not sure if it’s the best tool if you want a large e-commerce store with tons of skus and inventory control.

      I guess it all comes down to business needs. 😀


  • Nate @ Practical Manliness

    Nice site! Stumbled!

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