Wanna Make Money Reviewing Mobile Apps?


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If you have a smartphone you probably install new apps from time to time, right? I would guess that some people even install new apps on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could earn some money by testing and reviewing those apps, directly from your mobile phone?

That’s the idea behind a new project I am working on, called AppRush. It’s basically a platform that connects app developers who need to get people to test their apps and provide feedback, with users who are willing to provide that feedback.

If you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone you can signup, completely free. In fact we are even giving away a $5 bonus for every new signup right now. After the signup you’ll just need to wait for notifications of new review opportunities, and then you simply install the app, test it, and write a brief review about it.

I have seen a couple of similar services around, but they require users to write positive reviews. In my opinion this is both unethical and bad for the app developers, as they won’t get real feedback to improve their apps.

That’s why we will not only be encouraging but requiring completely honest reviews on AppRush. Users that provide non-relevant or fake reviews will be removed from the platform.

If you are an app developer and would like to get users testing your app make sure to check the service as well.

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2 Responses to “Wanna Make Money Reviewing Mobile Apps?”

  • Khalid

    Great ideas coming from a great mind I would say.

    It’s a great platform for good interactions between the user and the developer. You have hit the sweet spot by make people earn money from it. Because people download app and don’t even give their feedback because the don’t find any profit in that.
    However you have removed that barrier by introducing this platform.

    Thanks for looking towards the mobile community.


  • abdul waheed

    Great platform! At least it offers an opportunity to both app developers and app users to get benefits. I am going to sign up right now.

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