Vote for Daily Blog Tips on the Weblog Awards!


Today I was checking the blog statistics and there was a large number of referred visitors coming from the 2007 Weblog Awards homepage. Checking the site out I found that Daily Blog Tips was nominated for the “Best Web Development Blog” category!


That came quite as a surprise to me, specially if you consider the blogs that I am competing with:

  • Learning Movable Type
  • Problogger
  • A List Apart
  • Copyblogger

Considering the success of those blogs I guess one could say that there is no competition at all… but hey I like to think that way in my mind!

Anyway check out the 2007 Weblog Awards homepage, and don’t forget to cast a vote for Daily Blog Tips (if nothing else, for the sake of solidarity!).

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12 Responses to “Vote for Daily Blog Tips on the Weblog Awards!”

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  • Kathy Maister

    Congratulations! As a fellow *nominee* (Food Category) I wish you the best of luck. This is so exciting! Cheers!

  • Nick

    Daniel, thank you!

    Como faço para falar contigo?

  • Thilak

    Good to see you on the top of the list so quickly. Daily Blog Tips has always been on my favorite blogs list (Although I was lurking a bit recently), I won’t hesitate to vote for this blog.

  • Roberto Alamos

    Hi Daniel,

    Congratulations for the nomination 🙂 You are competing with such heavy weights as problogger, copyblogger and a list apart, so good luck! I contributed to your cause, and voted for daily blog tip 🙂

    Keep the good work

  • Daniel

    Bibi, I will cast a vote for your blog also!

    Nick, thanks for the nice words. Qualquer dia desses agente precisa trocar uma idea por telefone.

  • Nick

    I just voted for Daily Blog Tips.
    Congratulations, Dan, you deserve the sucess!

    Abraços, Nick.

  • Bibi

    Maybe your changes aren’t so good, but you won a reader. 🙂
    Congratulations and good luck there!

  • Daniel

    Scribez, you can change the permalink structure inside the WordPress control panel. The more descriptive and short the URL structure the better.

    Thanks George and Jason for the support!

  • Jason Drohn

    Fantastic accomplishment Daniel! Congratulations!

  • George

    Congratulations Daniel!

    Heading over to vote for you.

    All the best,


  • Scribez

    hi there I have question about your WordPress PermaLinks. you are using doesn’t this cause problems in WordPress.

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