Video Comments on WordPress Blogs


Wow, this is something that I was not expecting, but it does make sense. TechCrunch and several other blogs announced that they already have a plugin installed to allow readers to post video comments. In fact if you head to that post you will be able to see dozens of examples, including some from Mike Arrington himself.


The WordPress plugin was released by Seeismic, who will also be hosting the videos. You can decide if you want to allow only Seeismic registered users to post video comments, or even anonymous people.

Overall I think the idea is pretty interesting, if nothing else for the possibilities it opens up. Another takeaway message is: video is coming, and it will be everywhere.

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13 Responses to “Video Comments on WordPress Blogs”

  • fitzheim

    I don’t think video comments are good. I prefer text comments more as it is more convenient, easier to load.

    Heck, my internet connection is too slow for video comment…

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Rajae, good point. Over the time I still think that video will be pervasive though. That is why television dominated over radio and print formats.

  • team ray

    this was evitable

    everything goes to video eventually

  • Melvin

    exactly… and most people like sites that load fast…

  • Rajaie

    Actually, unless a video post looks really interesting, I won’t watch. Mostly because text will always be easier to scan through and also because not all people have DSL, and watching videos on dial-up isn’t very pleasant.

  • Siddharth

    I have seen this new feature, but not tried yet. This will sure bring more interactivity on the bloggers and commentators/visitors but I agree with the above comment that how will you then stop Video Spam. Then you have to manually look every video and delete if it is spam and that can painful.

  • Lex G

    … video is actually everywhere already … the fact that it can show up in comments now is interesting indeed … now we can all wear tshirts with our blog’s domain names while we comment 🙂 – yay –

    Lex G

  • Michael

    I am a reader. I want to scan blog and comment text for relevant tidbits. Video blogging and commenting do not allow that. If a blog posts a video or mp3, I pass it by. I will do the same to audiovisual comments.

  • Bilingual Blogger

    Oh great. Now bloggers will have to worry about combating spam video comments. Yuck. I’m sure all the spam advertisers of drugs, penis enlargement products and “YOU’VE WON A BILLION DOLLARS FROM THE BRITISH NATIONAL LOTTERY!!!!!” are working right now on videos they can upload.

    Sometimes what seems like “progress” is anything but.

  • Loren Nason


    But I found another video commenting plugin a while ago at

    I am going to have to compare the 2 now and see which is better

  • infmom

    Am I in so much of the minority? I hate video comments. I hate having stuff explained to me in videos. YouTube is fine in its place, but finding amateur videos taking up space on people’s blogs… ugh.


    Nice idea but not pratice then text comments.
    I will give it a try.

    Thanks Daniel.

  • Andy C

    Interesting. I suspect in < 5 years, this will be standard and we’ll say ‘God – do you remember ‘Text comments’ ?

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