Top 5 Group Writing Project


background image is running a group writing project titled “Top 5”. Basically participants needed to write a post around the “Top 5” subject. There were over 500 submissions, and below you will find the ones that were talking about blogging:

  • Top 5 Blogging Myths
  • Top 5 Domain Resources for Bloggers
  • $10 is a lot of advertising?
  • 5 Ways to Gauge a Blogger’s Maturity
  • 5 Reasons Blogging Leads to the Unemployment Line
  • Top 5 Lists about Blogging
  • 5 Essential Skills for Blogging Success
  • Top 5 Forms of Blog Monetization for 2008
  • 5 Essential Tools for Blogging
  • Top 5 Time Saving Blogging Tips
  • Top 5 Rules For Making Your Blog A Success
  • Top 5 Ways to Display Your Feed
  • $100 A Day Blogging
  • Top 5 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Blog Valid
  • Top 5 Domain Branding Tips for Bloggers
  • 5 Things to Know Before Launching a Blog
  • 5 Tips to Break Free from the Blogging Bubble
  • Top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress
  • Top 5 Steps for Choosing a Blog Theme
  • Top 5 Must Have Blog Monitoring Tool
  • Top 5 Tools for Bloggers
  • Top 5 Methods to Increase Comments on Your Blog
  • Top 5 Ways a Blog Can Earn You Money
  • Blog Networks: Top 5 Pros and Cons
  • 5 Tips for Beating Bloggers’ Block
  • Top 5 Youngest Bloggers
  • Become Blog Worthy
  • 5 Tips for Writing on Blogs
  • 5 Reasons to Participate in Group Writing Projects

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14 Responses to “Top 5 Group Writing Project”

  • Pallab

    You missed out on my article also.
    It was Top Five Little Known WordPress Plugins.

  • Daniel

    Mark, Cory and Bes, just updated the post with your articles. Thanks for reminding me.

    By the way I know that there must be more entries talking about blogging, but my objective was to focus on the most relevant ones. Obviously I missed some, just drop a comment if you think yours should be included.

  • Bes

    Nice list Daniel. I also wrote a blog-related post on RA Project:

    5 ways to gauge a blogger’s maturity level

    You should also put your link up there, Daniel, so more people can find out about your entry also. 🙂

  • Cory OBrien

    Since I think bloggers might find my post for the contest interesting, here’s a link to the Top 5 List of The Best Ways To Advertise Your Blog If You’ve Only Got $10:

  • Mark Fulton

    Hey Daniel, I think my entry is relevant for Daily Blog Tips. You can view it here:

    Top 5 Resources Domain Owners Shouldn’t Live Without by DotSauce Domain Magazine

    Some nice tools for bloggers there.


  • Shankar Ganesh

    Thanks for the link, Daniel 🙂

  • David Culpepper

    Hi Daniel, thanks for the link!

  • engtech

    Given that there’s 893 entries… I have the feeling that there’s a lot more that were about blogging as well.

  • Daniel

    engtech, another one that slipped! Just fixed. Funny thing is I have your feed, just havent opened the Rss reader in a couple of days.

  • engtech

    ^^^ ends with a link to Daniel beside the pool 🙂

  • engtech
  • Lars-Christian

    No problem Daniel, I appreciate that you added it in. I can see just how easy it is to miss a few due to the sheer overwhelming amount of submissions.

  • DaveOlson

    Daniel, thanks for taking the time to link to these posts. I didn’t follow the Top 5 group project but I have found several of these articles quite useful

  • Daniel

    Lars, just updated the post with your entry! I guess some were left out due to the huge number of entries hehe.

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