Things To Do After Installing WordPress


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Browsing on Digital Inspiration I came across an interesting post mentioning some basic things that you can/should do after installing WordPress. The tips include:

  • How to change the default image upload folder
  • How to remove the WordPress version generator on the header
  • How to prevent people from browsing your WP folders
  • How to disable Windows Live Writer Templates
  • How to turn off post revisions
  • How to disable HTML in comments
  • How to change the location of WP plugins and themes
  • How to change the building mode of XML sitemaps
  • How to turn off image tumbnails

Pretty cool huh? Just check out the article to discover how to do all those things.

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15 Responses to “Things To Do After Installing WordPress”

  • Jim

    what do you think of using blogger as a platform? should I move to self-hosted wordpress ASAP?

    it’s not a huge deal with losing subscribers… I use my own domain, subscriptions are through feedburner, etc. So I’m not gonna be totally dead if I switch (except for SEO, but I only have about 40 posts so far)

    I guess if I DO need to switch I should do it sooner rather than later.

    Maybe I could use analytics to set up 301 redirects for my old pages?

  • Sell Porn Make Money

    all of these are great tips.

  • hamdan

    wow, definetely a good guide. I’ll redevelop my site using some these tips. Thank you

  • Arjen

    Great post, as soon as I get back from holiday in Canada, I’ll try some of these useful tips.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Angel Cuala

    This is definitely a great list of WP tips for me, as I am already going crazy with my two-week old blog. My other blogs are courtesy of blogspot and I feel at ease with them.

    But have to have dirt my hand if I want to dig some gold, right?

    Thanks for sharing this. I owe you one.

  • mohdhafifi

    Thank you for these tips..

  • technochakra

    Thanks for the link!

  • Melvin

    Would certainly take a look at it…

  • Farrhad

    I am installing WP on a new site mine. These tips will help 🙂

  • affiliate marketing

    yesterday i already read it .this is basic tip for wordpress

  • Jeff

    Always good to know this stuff… No mention of choosing a permalink style though. I thought it would be one of the first things to change when setting up wordpress…Maybe it’s not an issue anymore.

  • team ray


    i never knew much of these

  • Writer Dad

    Thanks a lot. I’ve been using WordPress for just one week; this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • Medical Transcription Blog

    Thanx for the lead. I was looking around that feature to turn off post revisions.

  • David Hobson

    Thanks for the post it has some very good tips in it.

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