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If you heard about “Web 3.0” or “Semantic Web” please raise your hand. If you are not really sure what the terms mean please raise your hand. I am guessing we all raised our hands twice huh?

Anyway today I came across a cool documentary by Kate Ray, called “Web 3.0”. The video was licensed under the creative commons license, so I am embedding it below (RSS and email subscribers might need to visit the site to see the video player).

Some takeaway messages:

  • The main problem on the web right now is that we have a huge amount of information, but few tools and processes to find, analyze and interpret that information effectively.
  • The semantic web might help to solve that.
  • The semantic web is about analyzing the links between things (including web pages, files, documents, real things, people and so on) and extracting information from these links.
  • In a sense the semantic web will organize all the information in a more structured fashion, like in a database.
  • Not everyone buys into the semantic web theory, however.

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5 Responses to “The Web 3.0 Documentary”

  • katia

    Thanks for pointing us to this amazing video. Really exciting stuff happening–hopefully the solution to all my info organization needs! 😉 I just hope the character of the web remains open, although it doesn’t look that way…

  • susan petracco

    I saw this via StumbleUpon today, and I agree, it’s a great video. I’m just like you describe – hear of it, haven’t paid enough attention yet to really understand it. Which makes me the perfect audience member for the video, I think 🙂

  • jai prakash

    I think web 3.o will be future.In future web 3.0 will be very hard need .thanks for this vedio…

  • Roshan Ahmed

    What we need is innovation.
    I liked everything about it. It must be definitely ‘the web 3.0’. Ultimate need of today’s surfers is a way to find the necessary information from all these mess and crap. And this idea would make the web cleaner, faster, easier and increases it’s productivity.

    Anyway, I didn’t like the last takeaway message that not everyone buys into this web theory 🙂

    – Roshan Ahmed

  • Portable Digital Recorders

    Interesting Doc! Definitely gives me some things to think about, thanks!

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