The Huge RSS Icon Experiment: Subscribe Today!


I always preach that blogging and online marketing is about experimentation, so here we go with another experiment. That big arse RSS icon (I know it hurts the eyes, sorry about that!) is to remind you visitor, you that have not subscribed to Daily Blog Tips yet, that you should! Else you risk losing the simple yet valuable tips that we publish every day.


Considering that it is 7 pm of Wednesday here, I will track the results on Friday and see how many visitors we encouraged to become RSS subscribers.

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54 Responses to “The Huge RSS Icon Experiment: Subscribe Today!”

  • Tilen Hrovatic

    The is sure one of the biggest RSS icons. But I’ll tra it out on my blog to see if it can gain some subscribers.

  • Eryaman hali yikama

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  • medyum

    Lol! I need to try this one out too! But i’m already a subscriper to your blog, so i can’t say if this worked on me.

  • Man Overboard

    Can’t….look away….must click….huge….icon

  • Daniel Scocco

    Correct Netty :).

  • Netty Gritty

    hello daniel,

    nice to meet you.

    i feel trapped like a fly in a spiderweb.
    i would have subscribed anyway, but your feedzilla made it happen quicker. 😀

    and ahem, you did say addressing people by their name pays off in the long run. is it true? i mean, i have addressed you by your name. so if your hypothesis is correct then i can assume that you are gonna respect me at least by visiting my blog, no?

    {whisper: gotcha!}

  • MarcArt

    Nice post!! We all know how hard is to get subscribers, and this is a really good idea!
    I’ll try the same experiment with my blog 🙂 I’ll tell u later if it work.

  • Bill Stevens

    300 readers in one day? Dang, did that take you over 10K? I wasn’t keeping track of your count but it looks like it could have done that. Cool.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @redwall, yeah I guess one could :).

  • 65 Website Traffic & Link Building Techniques

    Okay so the gigantic orange icon burns your eyes, gives you a sunburn, and maybe lowers your IQ.

    I read this post because of the huge icon. It got my attention. I clicked. And now I am leaving a comment.

    Random stuff like this gets attention. Gets noticed and gets clicked on.

  • redwall_hp

    2000×2000? Have you made that your desktop wallpaper, Daniel? 😀

  • SE7EN

    lol! rofl @ that 2000×2000

  • Daniel Richard

    I should do the same for my blog. I only have one RSS button which is located way below at the footer area. Lol.

  • Susan

    I subscribe to your feed already and was curious to see how big was big, so I clicked the link. Wow. . . curious to know the results!

  • Bob Younce at the Writing Journey

    AAAAAHH!!!! It’s burning my brain!!!!

    No, seriously. Good idea. Unless you’re a blogger, you probably don’t use RSS and a big yellow icon is just the thing to bring some attention to it.

    Of course, I can no longer see, so *I* will be unsubscribing 😉

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