What Makes Your Blog Stand Out? [With Examples]

Ali Luke

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There are so many blogs online that you might think it’s not even worth starting (or continuing) yours.

After all, your niche almost certainly has lots of well-established blogs with plenty of readers.

So why would they come and read your fairly new blog instead?

And how can you distinguish yourself from every other new blogger out there?

Well, there are three key ways to make your blog stand out. You don’t have to hit all three; one is often enough (so long as you can do it well).

They are:

  • Your Design
  • Your Content
  • Your Writing Style

Your Design

Some blogs are instantly impressive because of their design – K.M. Weiland’s Helping Writers Become Authors, for instance.

While looks aren’t everything, most readers will judge websites (at least to some extent) based on how “professional” they look. If you’re using a free theme with a header you designed yourself, and every widget in existence cluttering up your sidebar, it might be time for a re-design.

Ideally, get a designer involved so you can have something truly unique and professional; if that’s outside your budget, look for a premium theme for your blog (these typically cost between $10 an $100).

Your Content

You’ve almost certainly heard that “content is king” – and it’s true that great content can be the foundation for an extremely successful blog, even if your blog’s design isn’t especially exciting.

A good example is Glen Allsopp’s Viper Chill. While there’s nothing wrong with Glen’s design, I wouldn’t say it was particularly outstanding or beyond what other bloggers in the online marketing niche are doing. And while Glen’s a clear, engaging writer, his writing style itself isn’t the reason I read his blog.

What makes Glen stand out is the quality of his content. He writes seriously long, in-depth posts that give tons of detail. Glen really knows his stuff, and it’s clear that he researches his posts carefully and spends a lot of time working on them.

Your Writing Style

Some bloggers make a name for themselves by having a particularly engaging writing voice. It might be snarky, funny, outlandish, or warm-hearted. A great example of a blogger with a very strong writing style is Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz.

While some of her advice on marketing is probably stuff I could get from other marketing blogs or books, the clarity, humour and personality of her writing is what make me read IttyBiz instead of those other sources.

It takes most bloggers several months, even years, to find their true voice, so don’t worry if you feel your content doesn’t stand out in this way yet. Also, don’t feel that you have to copy someone else’s voice – it’s important to find your own (otherwise you’ll just seem like a copy-cat).


Does your blog’s design, content or writing style stand out? If not, which of these three could you focus on to make your blog truly unique in your niche? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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10 Responses to “What Makes Your Blog Stand Out? [With Examples]”

  • Roland Zongo

    Thanks for your advices.From what i saw,it seems like the design is the least important of all the criterias.Cause it seems to me that the simplest the design is the beter.Other than that,great content is a must,and is always what keeps visitors.Awesome post.

  • Kevin petersen

    This post encourage the blogger, its pretty good obsoletely you are correct first of all you should focus on the content of the blog, it means the content should be very clear, short and healthier and then writing style it will shows you as a good, professional blogger and final one is design it must be attractive.

  • Lorie Lewis

    Your blog should be your medium through which you build brand awareness, authority, credibility, and trust. It should drive traffic, leads, and sales. If it’s not doing that for you yet, it’s time to get strategic and competitive. Outshine your competitors by simply being better than they are.

  • Mapenzi

    Design is very good. You have also to be engaging so that your readers keep coming back. Having a search box especially for mobile websites is also good considering most people prefer search to navigation.

  • Michelle Poe

    Content is always important, you’re right about that. Blogs can provide unique information, or a particular way of presenting information, but the most important thing is just having something specifically “you”. Whether that’s providing the best information on a topic (not easy) or providing more information than others, or providing a unique style or tone. However, when it comes to blogs that do well as far as traffic, organic traffic isn’t solely influenced by content.

  • Vivek Shukla

    it is good to read this kind of stuff to understand how to become a good blogger and make a interesting blog for our users. thanks for sharing some useful information

  • maxwell ivey

    Hello; When you boil it all down, you are right. people follow blogs because of one of these three reasons. I think I am strong on content. My site design is probably poor especially on my second blog that I just started last week. But thanks to a solid first post and many supportive friends it got over 20 comments. And I think my writing style is improved from having been blogging for my business for a year and a half on word press and about five and a half years total. So good advice telling people it will take time to find their voice. thanks for sharing and take care, Max

  • Mary-Ann Barton

    Nice post, Ali! My blog about caring for our elders, JoyousParadox.com, definitely stands out for its content. My latest post, about sex and aging, is called “The Biology of Fleshly Pleasure.”

    \My writing style is distinctive, too. “Biology” includes a love-poem I wrote to accompany a gorgeous [public domain] painting.

  • Ovais Mirza

    Thats quite true Ali , with the new algorithms panda and penguin of Google one has to really go through everything including design, content and how you present the content..Successful blogging really depends on them..

  • Makk Samuels

    Well Combination of above three makes a perfect Blog, Denial I have been a regular reader of your blog and I like about your blog your writing style and your blog lay out that is completely clutter free.

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