Social Media Trends to Watch in 2010


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Merry Christmas for those of you who commemorate it. I believe you guys won’t have much time (let alone patience…) to read blogging tips today, so I’ll just leave you with a cool link that I came across last week. It is titled 10 News Media Content Trends to Watch in 2010, and it was published at Mashable.

Here is the first trend:

1. Living Stories

One of the difficulties of the web is being able to really track a story as it develops and creating engaging formats for long-form articles. The article page is often the only thing that a reader sees and not the story in its full context. In 2010, news organizations will design stories that are more suited to the way readers consume online content.

One early sign of this is the recent collaboration between Google, The New York Times, and The Washington Post on the Living Stories project, an experiment that presents coverage of a specific story or topic in one place, making it easy to navigate the topic and see the timeline of coverage on the story. It also allows you to get a summary of the story and track the conversations taking place. This format contextualizes and personalizes the news.

Check out the full article to read the other nine.

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    People should appeal a new social media trend for the coming 2010. Hope that trend will bring us more excitement and entertainment everyday.

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    Social TV online will be best marketing weapon in 2010.

    It helps us to integrate voice communication, text chat, presence with directly customer.

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