Simplicity Is Essential


simplicityGoogle search is simple.

So is McDonald’s.

TechCrunch? Simple.

The iPod? Simplicity at its best.

Seth Godin’s books? Simple, carrying one central and clear idea.

Twitter? Pretty simple.

As you can see, most successful web services, businesses, blogs, products and books are simple.

What about you, are you simplifying things or rather making them complicated?

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48 Responses to “Simplicity Is Essential”

  • Boerne Search

    Yes, this is what I have said for years. Less is More in some cases. When gathering information you want it to be simple.

    K.I.S.S =


  • Paul Dickinson

    I find that I always add pages and pages to any website that I create, and then I eventually start taking away parts so that it becomes simpler! I believe simplicity is essential but I can never start with simplicity without feeling that I’m not giving enough!

  • Tmdesigner

    Customers, readers appreciate the simplicity…but Google make the difference!

  • venkat

    I do make my blog simple and easy to understand for readers.

  • mark harrison

    I just wish I knew where I was going with my blogs. Everytime I see a bandwagon I try to jump aboard only to find that I don’t really enjoy what I am blogging about.

    Simple is most definately going to be my new mantra.

  • A.K.

    Simplicity is my middle name, but the little red devil on my shoulder always makes things complicated.

    But seriously, I always start simple, I have a clear plan (or I think I do), but along the way I get new ideas (maybe I’ll add this plugin too, and that, and those 5 I definately need) or get distracted, like spend 4 hours on .php coding a feature which is so complicated I don’t want to use it when I got done.

    So simple is good, I always enjoy simple things, but in the end make them too complicated. Like this comment 🙂 Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  • Tech @ InkAPoint

    I am always simple. This is really a good post.

  • watermelonz

    I’ll try to be simple soon as before I thought readers will take more time on my blog if the post is lengthy enough but then I think it is wrong. The shorter is better so that reader could make a conclusion in their mind to be written as a comment.

  • iCan’t Internet

    I love the simplicity of this blogpost (and the blog in its whole)!

  • lolbunnies

    It doesn’t get much simpler than my site: amusing pictures of rabbits.

    Sometimes I feel like its not complex enough but at least I have a clear theme.

    I have always liked the simplicity of dailyblogtips. It clearly delivers the advice it seeks to give via the categories and top posts list.

    Another great simplistic site that I really like is

  • Ragnar

    Facebook – complicated
    Etc. There is not only one way to success, keeping it simple requires less effort though.

  • Adam Singer

    Absolutely spot on Daniel. I believe in “simplicity as a strategy” — Google that 😉

  • George

    I have actually been making things more and more simple with each new website I create. I started doing this after John Reese talked about it in one of his Reese Reports (which he no longer puts out).

    It’s fantastic advice.

  • Tina Gleisner, Founder Assn of Home Professionals

    I get the point & agree with concept … I think. I do tend to write pretty lengthy posts (more like articles) and struggle with how to provide enough, yet not too much info, to my home owners who are researching a project.

    I love your google example as it’s simple to create & refine your search, but the user still has to crawl through 10/more links to find the 2 or 3 that offer valuable information.

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Again this points to Niche Blogging it seems, at least from a Bloggers perspective..

    And that explains why the Thesis Theme is catching up pretty fast 🙂

  • Chris

    I’m a big fan of simplicity in all aspect of life and blogging. Blogs posts should be simple to the point, blog design should be simple and uncluttered, blogging tools you use should be simple and easy to use. Less is more – Apple proved that.

  • Vin |

    Yes, McDonalds is simple. Very simple. It tastes good and it kills you. Yet despite this simplicity, millions of people still eat it every day.

    In regard to blogging, I find that as I spend more time doing it, my message becomes more concise and straight forward. I’m willing to bet that many other bloggers experience this well and find it to be an important aspect of achieving success.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @SEO Tips, both of those aspects need simplicity, yeah.

  • Crazy Oldie

    valid points. I think the simplicity allows users to feel in control of something which is starkly different from most peoples daily hectic lives.

  • SEO Tips

    @Daniel. Perhaps I misinterpreted what you was trying to say here. I thought you was talking more about the simplicity of using these websites, such as the Google search, Ipod and Twitter.

    However I realise you meant the actual function and goal that these websites have.

    With that in mind I do believe many bloggers do not have a clear perspective of what they want to achieve with their blog however this comes back to the whole reason a person starts a blog and the goals they have establisher for a blog.

    I believe if a blogger does not have a clear goal in mind when establishing there blog and several clear motivators highlighted then they are doomed to fail from the beginning. I would also like to make the point of blogging with a mindset to make money is the biggest mistake a blogger could probably make.

  • Another Way To Earn Money

    I agree, simple make people enjoy to stay on our blog pages. Simple is universal.

  • Nikhil

    Design of Daniel’s Blog: Simple

    I simply agree with your Simple theorem.

  • Matej

    Tech Crunch is not simple, they write much less about startups, they write about off topic stuff like “shaking hands”, they syndicate content from their other sites … not simplest blog out there.

    I was just looking for a good blog which writes about new startups because Tech Crunch is getting on my nerves lately, any help ?

    And I agree about the statement, what I have learned is that when you are starting new site – go simple, don’t confuse readers, don’t make them think what to do on your site because it seems that there are 100 things they can do. Make their user experience simple and useful and they will come back.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Melvin, I can summarize TechCrunch in 3 words: “Web 2.0 News”. That is pretty simple in my opinion 🙂 .

  • Melvin

    Agreeable! but I gotta think first if Techcrunch falls into that category…

  • Daniel Scocco

    @SEO Tips, I don’t think blogs are simple per se. A simple blog is one that has a clear goal, and that implements simple actions to achieve that goal.

    I don’t see most blogs having that. Many lack a goal (i.e. the blogger does not know what he is trying to accomplish or where he wants to arrive), others get dispersed on the execution part and so on.

  • Sudep

    Its hard to put forward an idea epscially when it comes with regards to health , but i am trying to put it as simple as possible . Headings are what people would look at it and thus that’s my first way of catching attention of my blog readers.

  • InternetHowBlog

    I am trying as hard as possible to simplify things. I change my template to more clear design.

  • PV Reymond

    Hi Daniel,

    I agree with you, keeping things simple is very important when it comes to success.

    In 95% of the cases what keeps people from achieving what they want is that they complicate everything from the very beginning.

    They think too much and have always the ‘but’ in mind… When you remove the ‘but’ from your thinking process you achieve things faster and better.

    When it comes to online business it is the same. Everyday I see people complaining because their squeeze pages are not converting.

    When I take a look at them I see they have lot of things on them, in most cases unrelated things.

    If you keep your squeeze page simple, straight and to the point I can assure that you’ll have a high conversion rate.

    Yes, simplicity is essential.

    ^PV Reymond

  • SEO Tips

    I do enjoy this shorter more to the point posts sometimes, especially when they convey a simple 😛 message like this one.

    I agree with you that the most successfull businesses online or offline make things simple for the customers/clients.

    I think blogs are quite simple anyways however problems with the structure of a blog could mess this up I suppose.

    Good point.

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