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seoquake.jpgSEO Quake is very useful Firefox extension that allows you to view a large number of parameters of the site that you are visiting. Parameters include the number of links for that site on Google, Yahoo and MSN, the Alexa rank, the number of times the page has been bookmarked on Delicious, the Pagerank and so on.

The extension will also display such parameters on the results of a search query, meaning that you will be able to get a clue of the authority of the site even before visiting it. You can get more information or download the SEO Quake extension here.

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9 Responses to “SEO Quake”

  • Joshu Thomas ( OC webmaster Blog)

    its really a nice tool…

    Joshu Thomas
    OrangeCopper Blog

  • Qigong

    Generally what’s the distance between the fractured plate repsonsible and the quake spot? places.Normaly if the quake is 5 to 6 it will damage.

  • Daily Good Tips

    Good tool. The tool is benefit to understand google pagerank, alexa, and yahoo more quickly. Good information

  • MiamiBeachInteractive

    Personally, I find SEO Quake obtrusive on Google Searches. I feel that the information is valuable, but cluttered under each listing.

    I find it annoying more so than not.

  • Josh

    I first used other tools but they took to long. To cool thing with SEO Quake is that you can ask for the info you need when you need it.

  • hendis

    seo quake great search tool, we can look information about PR from the blog, I allways use the seo quake

  • SEO Genius

    I love SEO quake its a great peice of software.

  • Daniel

    Just installed it, pretty useful as well, thanks for sharing.

  • Thilak

    Yeah, Its quite a handy tool for SEO junkies… (I’m not one 😀 ). I use another extension called SearchStatus, Check it out.. its pretty cool

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