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Some time ago I was dedicating quite a lot of time to another blog that I have, but the RSS subscriptions were not going up so fast. It was strange because the articles I was writing were being featured on some high authority blogs, meaning that people were reading them but not subscribing to the blog.

After some time I decided to redesign the sidebar, and I included an RSS subscription button on the top right corner of every single place. Bingo! RSS subscriptions skyrocketed that very same day. Prior to those changes I realized that I only had an RSS subscription button on the home page. People that were coming from other blogs directly to an article page, therefore, were not even seeing the option to subscribe.

Make sure you do not forget to do the same. The two best places to put the RSS subscription button are the header (like TechCrunch) and the top of the sidebar. Also if you are using only a text link to your RSS feed perhaps you should considering adding a big icon next to it (feel free to download the one I used in this post). Visitors need to be able to see where they need to click to subscribe in a matter of seconds, otherwise they will just skip it.

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11 Responses to “RSS Feed on every single page”

  • Bang Kritikus

    Yes, I use in every pages

  • Graham

    Great idea.
    Just wondered if you then know of a way to place these automatically, using some sort of Plugin? Rather than having to place them each time.

    This would really help if it could be automated.
    I have ‘Share This’ link at the end of every post which is placed via a Plugin… So any ideas mucho appreciated.

    “On: Creativity within Life”

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  • Surfer

    Can anyone tell me how to setup a RSS Feed on any website.


  • Alan

    Hi! Nice site!

  • jack

    thanks for that, it makes sense

  • rick

    good advice, I guess I will need to change my setup

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