Five Ways to Reinvigorate Your Blogging Today [Guest Post]

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This is a guest post from Camille McClane.

It happens to the best of us: you feel burned out or you get stuck in a rut, your content suffers, you stop getting so many comments / tweets / emails … and you end up feeling even more discouraged.

Before you throw in your blogger’s towel, try at least one of these five tips. They’ll help you reinvigorate your blog and get back on track:

Tip #1: Work Consistently

You may already post regularly to your blog, but how regularly are you writing? Do you have a specific time when you sit down to work or do you strike when the moment takes you?

W. Somerset Maugham famously said “I only write when inspiration strikes, fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.” Try writing at the same time every day for a couple of weeks and see if the quality of your posts improves.

Tip #2: Get a Point of View

Like it or not, controversy attracts readers. There’s nothing people like more than a good scandal. You don’t have to write about inflammatory topics in order to generate controversy, you just need an opinion for people to disagree with.

Do you blog about history and feel a certain popular character needs his villainous side highlighted? Write about it and you’re bound to spark some discussion from your readers who feel otherwise. Whatever you feel strongly about, state it. You can’t please everyone, but by polarising opinion, you’ll attract loyal, committed readers.

Tip #3: Spice it Up

Perhaps your blog is full of too-similar posts.  If every blog is a newspaper-style description of a topic, then you may feel creatively stagnant yourself and need a change of pace to energize your blog.

Try making a video post, or as HostPapa’s blog suggests, don’t be shy of interviewing an expert and posting the transcript. Alternatively, you could create an in-depth how-to guide. Whatever you try, make it different from what you normally do.

Tip #4: Be More Relevant

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit keep track of the hot topic items of the day. Browse these sites and look for trends that you can shape to fit your blog. What are the latest Justin Bieber antics? Who are the winner snowboarders in the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Find a link between your blog and current events or popular culture, in order to reach out to thousands of viewers keen on listening to popular events. Once you think creativity, you’ll find people coming for one reason and staying for another.

Tip #5: Look Inward

Sure, the reader is important, every writer knows that, but that doesn’t mean you’re unimportant. If you want the reader to be interested in your topics, then you have to be interested in what you’re writing.

If you’re feeling stuck, maybe you’ve gotten too far away from what you loved about your blog in the first place and are playing an unwinnable game of please-the-reader. Think about the original purpose of the blog and create your next post with that in mind. Your readers will notice the difference.

Did any of these tips help you? Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments.


Bio: Camille McClane is a writer, researcher and designer from Southern California. She enjoys all things tech and social media, and recently suffered through her own “blogger’s block,” which she combated by using some of the aforementioned tips. She hopes they help you as well!


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4 Responses to “Five Ways to Reinvigorate Your Blogging Today [Guest Post]”

  • Warren

    Hi Camille,

    Nice post. Tip#1, for some reason, has always been something I’m struggling with. Even when I have a schedule set up, I don’t follow it. This of course hinders the growth of my blog. Your last tip about looking inward is something I’ve never taught of before. Thanks for the post!


  • Idrus

    5 excellent tips for bloggers. Indeed, it is not easy to get blog posts are always fresh and up to date. I often experience drought of ideas and materials to make a post on the blog. But sometimes there is also a time where the idea came like a rushing waters inspire strong. Under these conditions I live to make notes and draft posts. This bit can help to keep consistently publish a blog post.

  • Victor Mbazigwe

    Valuable pointers indeed! Sometimes blogger get to a point of being blunt and plain and worse, ultimately loosing their touch in creating wonderful posts and blog topics. I myself can attest to this and creating a different approach and response to this dilemma is very crucial. Good thing you have pointed out these 5 tips for bloggers to be refreshed of what attitude they need to portray during the so called “dry season” or “running out of creative juice” moment. All thanks for this!

  • Aeromick

    Hi Camille,
    Good tips. I couldn’t agree more on your tip #5, look inward. I think you made a good point there. Many bloggers try and bend their writing styles or blogging strategies in an attempt to please everyone; Kind of a people-pleasing mindset. Know your audience but also have confidence in yourself and create your own unique style.

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