Link Tips: 11 November 2007


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  • Basic Link Building: Link building is vital for any popular website. If you are new to this game, though, you might want to check this article with 12 basic strategies.
  • Build a Popular Blog: Maki published an extensive article with useful tips for creating a popular blog and getting tons of readers.
  • RSS Buttons: Large collection with 51 different RSS buttons for your website.
  • Viral Content: Are you struggling to develop viral content? Check out these 6 ideas.
  • Get Yours Comments Noticed: Problogger is sharing 11 tips to get your comments noticed on popular blogs.
  • Translation Widgets: If your visitors are coming from all over the world you might want to add a translation widget to your site.

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9 Responses to “Link Tips: 11 November 2007”

  • nitinleew

    Thanks for sharing these resources.

  • Aurelius Tjin

    Thanks for the tips and insights. A popular blog is indeed a must for everyone, may he be a marketer or not. Great post! 🙂

  • Kss

    Thanks for summarizing on how to build a popular blog. Came upon Maki’s article on how to improve Alexa Ranking and trying it out now. Hope it works.

  • Sign up NOW for the Buxr Widget!

    I think you mislabled the SEO tips as basic, these are really powerful tips!

    More than just basic stuff, it’s definitely worth a read.


  • Rock

    Thanks for sharing these resources.

  • Advice Network

    Thanks for the link to the pro blogger comments article. One of his suggestions for getting your comments noticed is to comment early, so I thought I ‘d give that a try with you!

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