RankPay is Now Offering Social Profile Management


As you probably know, RankPay is the company that pioneered the performance-based SEO service model.

That is, if you become a client you’ll only pay if and when you start ranking well for your targeted keywords. This is a much better program than paying thousands of dollars for an SEO consultant that doesn’t guarantee any results, right? In fact this is the reason they have been a sponsor of this blog for many years: because I know and recommend their services.

I’ve been impressed with their results-based approach for search optimization, and now they are launching Social Profile Management Service to further help small businesses with both SEO & Social. Here’s a snapshot:


As you probably know social media is becoming more and more important, even for SEO and organic traffic growth, as Google and other search engines are picking those signals and including them in their ranking algorithms.

Once you become a client they will start doing everything for you. This includes the creation of relevant posts for your social media accounts, the use of targeted hashtags that support your SEO program, calls-to-action and so on. The content is created by a dedicated US-based staff.

The basic package starts at $99 monthly, and there are no contracts or long-term commitments. You can pay month by month and cancel anytime you want. If you are not consistently working on your website’s social media presence due to lack of time, this service could be exactly what your business needs, so check it out.

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5 Responses to “RankPay is Now Offering Social Profile Management”

  • Hemangi Kothadiya

    Nice Blog….Thank you for sharing this information…..keep it up…..waiting for next updates….

  • Chandran

    I am not sure that this tool will work for great time. Does this provides a better result for social media profiles? Will this bring positive changes for my fb,twitter,pinterest etc?

  • Matt Konig

    Does this help to rank your social media profiles higher? Like getting my instragram or pinterest to start ranking in google? Thanks!

  • Jennifer

    Create performance-based SEO service model. Really ranking system way. By following this tips Google Panda. Thanks for sharing.

  • danhid

    Hi Daniel, I definitely agree that social media is important. However, I’m wondering if this ‘tool’ is better than SEO consultant. How effectice the RankPay for the ‘organic’ optimization?could you desribe it it, please…

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