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Quility Weighted Blanket Review 2021

Our Verdict

By using science-backed techniques, the Quility weighted blanket can reduce insomnia and relax your body.

It can be hard to decide whether a product is right for you when you’ve never tried it personally.

Therefore, we want to give you a quick rundown of the pros and cons of this product in this Quility weighted blanket review. 


  • It can help reduce anxiety and insomnia.
  • It is ultra-breathable in comparison to many competitors.
  • Dual-sided and washable.
  • Reinforced with strong stitching.


  • Can be expensive.
  • You only get a refund if you’ve never used the blanket.

Can’t get enough shut-eye? Sleepless or stress-ridden nights can get the best of all of us.

Those sleepless nights can affect your whole day and make everyday tasks so much harder. 

If you have been struggling to find something that will give you enough comfort for a restful night of sleep, you’ve come to the right place.

Weighted blankets have certainly increased in popularity over the past few years.

They are a huge help to many people suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

Our Quility premium weighted blanket review is set up to answer all your questions.

That way, you can determine whether this is the right tool to give you the relaxing sleep you need.

What is a Quility Weighted Blanket?

Quility Blanket Review

Quility weighted blanket is a heavy but breathable blanket that’s designed to help you get a peaceful night of sleep. 

Despite all the extra weight, the blanket should feel more like a firm squeeze or hug than like it weighs you down.

These blankets were created to help anyone that suffers from insomnia, stress, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, or restless leg syndrome.

While it isn’t a foolproof solution for everyone, a weighted blanket works by helping you feel more comforted and secure. 

It provides you with deep pressure therapy, which has been compared to swaddling a baby for comfort.

Quility Weighted Blanket Materials

The materials you’ll find in this blanket include:

  • 100% cotton fabric in the outer layer for more breathability.
  • Polyester is in the remaining layers for more comfort.
  • The glass beads provide several pounds of weight.

You can get this weighted blanket in several different sizes, and each size comes in various different weight options.

The lightest blanket offered is five pounds, and the heaviest is 30 pounds. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of this product depends entirely on the size and weight you choose.

Most sizes will come in multiple weight options, so you can determine what is best for you.

The smallest sizes are 36 by 48-inches and 41 by 60-inches.

They are intended for single beds and children between 70 to 120 pounds.

The price point for these sizes is between $70 and $80.

The 48 by 72-inch size is intended for a twin-sized bed and individuals that are between 110 and 140 pounds.

The price is about $90 to $95, depending on the weight.

A full-size blanket is 60 by 80-inches and designed for individuals between 110 and 280 pounds.

This size comes in four different weight options, ranging from 12 to 25 pounds.

The price depends on the weight, ranging from $100 to $130.

The King/Queen sized option is 86 by 92-inches, for pairs ranging from 110 and 280 pounds.

You should select the weight based on 10 percent of the lightest person’s weight.

The weight options range from 15 to 30 pounds and cost between $170 to $200.

Currently, Quility offers a full refund for the first thirty days, but only if the blanket is unused.

Even with a full refund, customers will need to pay the return shipping costs.


While weighted blankets are certainly increasing in popularity, many people still aren’t sure whether they’re worth a try.

If they were more affordable, most people would probably try them in an instant. 

Since that isn’t exactly the case, I’m sure you have a few questions before you invest any money:

Does Quility Weighted Blanket Really Work?

Whether or not a weighted blanket works will depend entirely on the person using it.

Many people feel more comfortable and relaxed with the added weight, but others may not notice a difference. 

Make sure to try your best to give the blanket a fair shot before writing it off, as it can take a couple of weeks before you begin to notice a difference.

Can A Quility Weighted Blanket Help With Stress & Anxiety?

The short answer here is yes, it can. However, every person has different needs, and whether this blanket helps with your stress and anxiety can vary from person to person.

According to some studies, well over half of the volunteers agreed that this is a helpful tool for anxiety and stress.

How Do You Wash Quility Weighted Blanket?

You can wash this blanket, but you may need to be a little strategic about it.

Depending on the size and weight of the blanket you choose, you may want to take a trip to the laundromat. 

A commercial-sized washing machine is much more equipped for a load of over 10 pounds. Make sure to dry the blanket using low heat or hang it up to dry instead, if you have the time.

Final Thoughts

Weighted blankets are a great option for someone who has been struggling to get a good night of sleep.

If you’ve ever had more than a couple of restless nights, you already know how much a lack of sleep can impact your day-to-day life. 

Whether it’s too much anxiety that keeps you up or you can’t relax due to stress, the Quility weighted blanket shows a lot of promise. 

If you feel like the Quility weighted blanket might be beneficial for your situation, it’s absolutely worth a try

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll end up with a cozy blanket, and the best-case scenario, it will reduce your stress and help you sleep.

Quility Weighted Blanket

The Quility Weighted Blanket is an all-natural solution that may help individuals reduce these symptoms.

Quility Weighted Blanket vs. Alternatives

Baloo Blanket

Baloo Cool Cotton Weighted Blanket
  • Large enough for two people.
  • Good for hot sleepers.
  • Machine washable

Layla Blanket

Layla Weighted Blanket
  • 120-night trial
  • Machine washable
  • Extensive size and weight variety

Gravity Blanket

Gravity Weighted Blanket
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Removable cover
  • Micro-fleece and cotton textures

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Quility Weighted Blanket
Quility Blanket Review

By using science-backed techniques, the Quility weighted blanket can reduce insomnia and relax your body.

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