Public Relations Pitfalls


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In order to build a popular blog you’ll inevitably need to contact other bloggers, pitch unknown website owners and network efficiently with as many people as possible.

If that is the case, therefore, you need to make sure that you are not making PR blunders, as Chris Garrett calls them (Brian Clark teaches wannabes).

On the article he covered 10 common mistakes that bloggers commit when doing public relations:

  1. Not using the bloggers name
  2. Not reading anything on the blog
  3. Or worse blatantly lying that you have
  4. Copying and pasting a press release
  5. Taking 2000 words to say nothing
  6. Using a non-reply email address
  7. Only supplying a telephone number
  8. Cold calling late at night
  9. Making it clear EVERY blogger in your niche is getting the exact same message
  10. Being completely and utterly irrelevant

Personally I find that his first point is among the most important. Several times people that send me emails do not include my name, making me wonder if they knew who they were sending the email to in the first place.

Even worse, sometimes the sender puts a wrong name there. I have been called Darren countless times (although this could be a good sign…), Dave many more, and so on.

What about you, what drives you crazy when people try to pitch you something? Have you made any of these mistakes?

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10 Responses to “Public Relations Pitfalls”

  • Steven Bradley

    #2 and #3 bother me the most (though that’s only because I’ve been fortunate enough not to get the late night phone call).

    I get too many requests from people who make it clear that they’ve never spend a moment on my site. If you can’t take the time to at least visit my site why would I visit yours to give you a link.

  • Caroline Middlebrook

    I recently did an email marketing campaign (first one I have ever done) and I contacted around 100 bloggers. I was amazed at just how many blogs (most were not in the blogging type niche) make it extremely difficult to find out basic information such as their name!

    I think most of us in this niche realise its standard practise to have about pages and contact pages, but its surprising just how many blogs in the larger blogosphere do not!

  • Advice Network

    Number 8 is scary? Has that happened to you? Phone rings in the middle of the night “Hi, could you link to my blog?”

    I’m laughing thinking of it, but when it happens to me, I bet I won’t be laughing.

  • Mobile Notary

    Thanks for the tips. I’m just getting started with trying to build a blog audience.

  • DJ Nelson

    I think number 2 and number 4 are related. For my Bride Diva blog it’s clear that these PR folks have never read one word of what’s written based upon what they send me. I actually wrote about it the other day.

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