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Life is made up two different things: events and processes. A post on Seth Godin’s blog he talked about it.

An event takes a short time to occur, 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year. A process takes a longer time frame, 5 years, 20 years, 50 years or even a lifetime.

An event is for the short haul, a process is for the long haul.

A beautiful story in “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” a book by Robert Kiyosaki, will help explain this further.

There was a village that had a water problem. They villagers called a meeting to solve their problem and decided to give 2 contractors the contract of supplying water to the village.

The first contractor quickly ran out and bought 2 buckets and started hauling and supplying water from the stream to the villagers.

The second contractor was no where to be found.

The first contractor started making some money almost immediately. The villagers had complains about dirt in the water so he bought a filter. He later employed his sons to help in the work.

All this while, the second contractor was nowhere.

The first contractor toiled and worked very hard till one day the second contractor appeared.

All he had on him was a paper. The paper was a document that carried an agreement signed by his company, some investors and a construction firm.

While he was away, he founded a company, employed a president, got investors and contracted a construction company to build a standard water supply system for the village.

The water system would supply cleaner water at a cheaper rate, all year round to the people in the village.

He didn’t have to carry any bucket like the first contractor.

The only money he made was a few cent for every bucket fetched.

To cut the story short, the first contractor ran out of business while the second contractor travelled the world, enjoying the success he got from following a proven process.

What Does This Have To Do With Blogging?

Well, a lot.

Firstly, success in blogging or in anything at all, is a process. It takes time.

A lot of bloggers are like the first contractor, the wake up, set up a blog, slap Adsense ads on it and start making cents.

Well, there is nothing wrong with that, only that they neglect the things to be done in making their blogs successful in the long haul. They forget the necessary and important processes that will lead to blogging success.

The second contractor went through the pain of writing a business plan, building a company, hiring people and getting investors to support the water project.

He took his time to build his success. He followed a process. A time wasting process maybe, but it was worth it at the end.

So What Are The Processes That Lead To Blogging Success?

There are so many processes and things you must learn and do to succeed as a blogger. Frankly, I believe you know or have heard about the different things already. What you may have not been told or remember is that all these things are processes not events.

They take time to learn, to perfect and to succeed in.

Here are a few that you know already.

1. Content production and writing
2. Search engine optimization
3. Traffic generation
4. Product development and launch
5. Guest posting
6. Online networking
7. Social media marketing
8. Linkbuilding

And many more.

All of these things take time to do and perfect. They are more of processes than events.

Writing a single blog post could be seen as an event, but writing 100 great posts on your blog that will get people coming back to your blog is surely a process. It doesn’t happen in one day.

You don’t wake up one day and become a top blogger; even Darren Rowse followed and still follows a process.

You don’t just start a new blog and make $10 000 in 2 days. Making money with blogs is also a process.

The bottom line is, there are so many things to learn and do to become a successful blogger but these things are all processes and will take time.

So, be like the second contractor. Invest your time, continue in the process and build on every step made in every process.

About the Author: Mk Akan is an entrepreneur and publisher of FASTCLICK, a web centric magazine published in Nigeria. He blogs at

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12 Responses to “Processes That Lead to Blogging Success”

  • HP van Duuren

    Exactly I am in the Process of building Successful Blogs and breaking it down into such processes makes it easier to focus on those specific processes.


    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Blogging – Inspiration,

  • Kumar

    I really like the idea of process. I believe it is a way to look at things Strategically. One is short term and other is Strategic. In the long run, strategic efforts work out successfully have a good plan for blog for next 5 years or so is a good way to do it. Great piece of advice !

  • James Howard

    Great story,

    In the end it is the people who are looking for the quick cash or the so called magic button that will get disillusioned and in the end probably end up worse off than when they entered into it.


    This is not their fault, unless they are taught that it is a long and ongoing process from the start then they most will fall into that trap. I know I did for some time and I bet most here have bought into the hype at some point. At the end of the day until you treat it like a business you will get nothing back from it.


  • mk akan

    I agree with you all,we all need to focus on building great content for the long haul…that s part of the main ingredient of blogging success…thank you all

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Daniel
    “They take time to learn, to perfect and to succeed in.”
    Makes perfect sense to me and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.

    Good content, build up readership and then…….
    Not figured that bit out yet, but there’s no rush.

  • samuel

    umm…”it takes time” yea man but at times one will feel like giving up lol it is not over until it is over!!! nice post bro!

  • Chris Peterson

    A successful blog always own point which will help to keep leading and stand out from crowds. Always found unique point. Unique point is the way of success of your blog.

  • Rene Silva

    Really great story, it applies almost to any job/project I can think of. Thanks for reminding us the story 🙂

  • V.C

    If one wants to succeed with his blog, he shouldn’t think too much about making money. Work hard and show your passion, that the way lead us to blogging success.

  • Jacinta Dean

    Hi there,

    Great story on the contractors, I forgot that story from the book. I have been blogging now for nearly 18 months on a casual basis. Being a full-time mum it is often hard to work on my blogging as much as I want to, however I completely agree in the processes.

    Creating a successful blog takes time, persistence and dedication. Posts and series of posts should be planned and then executed and then all of the social and traffic tools need to be done after wards as well.

    Successful blogging takes time, but not only that successful internet marketing takes time. It does not happen over night like most of those Guru launches tell you they do!

    Thank you for the information.

    Kind Regards

    Jacinta 😀

  • Chester

    Great story on the contractors. It also boils down on quality over quantity. It’s worth the wait when things are well planned and went thru process.

  • rososusilo

    All successful blogs have a characteristic. found characteristic in your blog is the key to the success of your blog.

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