Poll: What Browser Are You Using These Days?


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I used to be a die hard Firefox fan. Just check the “Software” category on this blog. You’ll see dozens of posts about Firefox, related news and favorite extensions. Then one day Google announced it was going to launch a browser….

As you probably know that browser is called Google Chrome. When it came out I decided to give it a try, just to know what was going on. I had no plans at all to switch, as I was very happy with Firefox.

At first I liked it a bit, but it didn’t have all my extensions, my bookmarks, and things were a bit different, so I kept using Firefox.

Somehow once in a while I would open Chrome and browse a bit with it, and over time I started to notice how faster it was compared to Firefox.

Long story short within a couple of weeks I had ditched Firefox completely in favor of Chrome, and these days it’s just a pain to use Firefox because it’s much, much slower in my opinion. Curiously I haven’t added any extensions to Chrome at all, and I am doing just fine in that regard.

I haven’t tried Firefox 5, and while I still think it’s a solid browser, I think I’ll be sticking to Chrome now.

But I figured maybe not everyone feels like this. Hence the poll. Share with us your favorite browser, and drop a comment if you want to elaborate your thoughts.

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54 Responses to “Poll: What Browser Are You Using These Days?”

  • Delilah

    I use to use IE but I was getting so much junk, cookies and stuff that I switched to Chrome and I love it….except I can not watch net flicks on it….no sound I have to switch to IE to watch. I wish Chorme would work on this.

  • James

    I adopted Chrome as soon as it came out in beta. I use it for almost everything these days. I still use firefox for my web development work, as the tools are more advanced and easier to use.

  • Tammy

    I am all about Rockmelt these days. Based on Chrome. Awesome.

  • Rison Simon

    Firefox is the best. Everyone who says chrome is faster users almost no extensions on chrome while Firefox is crowded with them. Another complaint is that Firefox uses a lot of memory. In reality chrome also uses same, if not, more memory. But since chrome creates a new task for each tab, we are more likely to believe it takes less memory but in reality it takes as memory as Firefox when we add all the memory used by all tabs. Try using the same amount of plugins and tabs on both Firefox and chrome and you’ll feel the difference. It will also help you know why Firefox is and always has been the king of all browsers. If you need another reason, Firefox has the most customization features than any other browser.

    Chrome is only useful when there are almost no extensions installed.

  • Blake Waddill

    I end up using Chrome, FF, and Opera. Opera is very underrated. IE is a nightmare.

    Since I do some web design/seo for an agency, I end up having to use all of the big 5 just to make sure things are working right. I think FF has the best interface of LastPass which is a big deal to me because I have so many logins and form fills that I use on a regular basis.

  • Nick

    For me, it’s either Chrome or Firefox and both have their advantages.

    Chrome is still the fastest browsing experience overall, imo. Barely ever crashes and is snappy as heck. Now that the Chrome store is up, the amount of extensions and apps coming out are biting at the heels of Mozilla. Still my browser of choice and has been for about 2 years.

    Firefox 4 (now 5) really sped things up for them. I think it was a huge leap from 3.x and is back to being a competitor to Chrome in that regard. For extensions and overall capabilities, FF still takes the cake although Google is catching up. There’s an add-on to do nearly anything you could ever think of. Amazing browser and always my backup.

    So if you want the fastest and lightest browsing experience possible, Chrome is the way to go. If you want something more robust while still having great speed, Firefox is the better option. All depends on what you need.

  • Bob Marconi

    I understand Google is ‘collecting’ a lot of information within it’s browser – true or false? If true can these collecting regimes be turned off?

  • jennine

    i use both, and safari too… mostly firefox but i usually have several browsers running becuase i have different accounts in gmail and run different blogs. it’s probably not the most efficient.

  • Jane | Find All Answers

    Hey Dan,

    Firefox used to be my favorite browser and I have never allowed anyone to talk through me to change my opinion. But about 3 months ago I just wanted to give chrome a try coz it’s from Google. When I did, I just fell in love with it and dumped Firefox.

    Chrome is light and hence fast. As you say I am not using any extensions on it either, and I am doing fine. And I have not encountered browser crashes and freezes since then.


  • David L Rattigan

    My story is exactly yours, Daniel.

    I still have Firefox installed, as I need it on the odd occasion a website or function isn’t compatible with Chrome. I did miss the FF features at first, but Chrome’s speed more than makes up for that.

    I never open IE. The security is lousy.

  • Destination Infinity

    I use firefox primarily and chrome (Chromium) at times… I like the ability to search from your URL box in Chrome. It makes life simpler for people who search a lot. Chrome is maybe slightly faster than firefox – i don’t see a big difference in Linux Mint, between the two. But when I was using Vista, Chrome was lot more faster than other browsers for that OS. Chrome was the main reason that I held on with Vista slightly longer – Otherwise, I would have switched to Ubuntu/ Linux much earlier.

    Destination Infinity

  • Dimitar Dimitrov – SEO Specialist

    Hi, Dani! I cannot select multiple choices so I’m gonna write my answer down here 🙂 My main browser for browsing (normal surfing) is Chrome, because of its speed and stable work. My secondary one is Firefox (5), because I’ve many many many add-ons there that are not available for Chrome… If you’re web designer/developer/SEO Specialist you know what I mean.

    And since my profession is all about the web, I’ve to use IE too… but I hate this soft with all my bones!

  • tikyd

    I use chrome a lot more and to me is is just better than firefox. The look seems clearer to me compared to firefox.

    One extension that I use from time to time on firefox is a rank checker.

    Other than that , one of the extensions on chrome that I have is “Read Later Fast” which permits to save pages to check them out after even without connection.

  • Anastasia

    I use Chrome too. I used to use Opera but Chrome seems to be faster. And I like its design more.

  • Nishant Adlakha

    I to agree with Daniel. Chrome is roaring very fast. With hundreds of plugins being added everyday, it is sure a threat to Firefox. I too have written a post promoting Chrome on website.

  • Casey

    I use Firefox and Chrome too. I have not been using IE for awhile now. I used it only when I needed it to check how my template would look in IE.

  • Sridhar Katakam

    The day full version of Firebug (not lite) becomes available for Chrome is the day I am going to stop using Firefox and switch to Chrome.

  • Sean

    Yeah Firefox used to be good, but now its Chrome and nothing else.

  • Stephen

    Chrome for me.

    Your story is almost exactly the same as mine. My copy of Firefox became bloated with plugins and extensions and was very slow.

    When Chrome came along I tried it for a bit, didn’t like it so I went back to Firefox, until one day it took several minutes to open. I tried Chrome again and have used it everyday since. I hardly ever use FF now. I even prefer Opera to FF, and IE is a joke.

  • Doug

    I used to use FireFox all the time but I started having issues with it locking up around the time that Chrome came out. Since then, I use Chrome for about 95% of my browsing, FireFox for about 4% and IE for 1% only if I really need to use it.

  • Omar

    Im using Google Chrome because its faster & from day one i feel i’m very familiar with it ,
    Google always keeping every thing simple ,

    every day people escape from IE ,
    Always asking my self , when IE will die

  • Karen W.

    Agree with you 100% – Firefox is dog slow compared to Chrome and Safari is the worst of all for Mac users – go figure 🙁

  • Nasrul Hanis

    Whatever it is – Firefox rocks! 😀

  • GH Bogan

    I was trying to work in a pure Microsoft environment but have found that both the Vista OS and the “new and improved” Internet Explorer 9 have become more and more unstable with each update. As much as I am not a fan of intrusion into my business, I have changed to Google Chrome and found it a refreshing change over Microsoft. Speed, while important, is not as critical to me as a great reduction of browser lock up or crash incidents. And with the installation of some of the Google Aps, I find that I have become quite comfortable and adept at using Chrome to its fullest ability.

  • sefcug

    I used to use Firefox all the time, but now I primarily use Google Chrome.

    I also use Opera, and very occasionally IE.

    In my opinion Google Chrome is the fastest right now, as well as the easiest to use.

  • Toni | ChromeBookBox

    I still use flock cause i love built-in blog editor in flock. I also use IE for some reason.

  • Maaike Quinn

    I still love Firefox, but I am OK with Chrome too. I seriously dislike IE.

  • Shlomo

    I’ve been using FF for a number of years now. Haven’t yet tried FF5.

    I’ve installed and uninstalled Chrome 4 or 5 times. Never could get used to it. Never liked the look of it.

    Just this week I installed it again and I’ve been using it some. Still not ready to dump FF.

  • Nica M.

    I’ve been using Chrome ever since it was released and I love it’s interface and how fast it is. However, I noticed lately that it doesn’t allow me to login to several web sites, Mailchimp and Elegant Themes Support forum included, but the login details are correct. I have to use Firefox to access these sites

  • Tecnologia

    Chrome for ever! At first time when it was launched it didn’t had almost any extensions as firefox does, but today it has a lot of extensions, same as firefox and with the plus that it’s 200% faster.


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