Poll: Do You Auto-Follow Everyone Back on Twitter?


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When it comes to auto-following people on Twitter (either manually or with third party applications), there are basically two camps: those who claim it is a bad idea, and those who claim it is a good idea.

People who say auto-following Twitter users back is a bad idea use the following arguments:

  • When you auto-follow everyone back, in a matter of weeks you will be following thousands of people, and it is impossible to keep track of what they will tweet.
  • If you auto-follow you will end up following spammers, scammers and bot accounts that are automated, with no real humans behind them
  • Even if auto-following will give you more followers, those followers will have low quality, because you won’t be able to build real relationships with them.

The folks who think auto-following is a good idea, on the other hand, have the following arguments:

  • Auto-following will increase the number of followers that you have, so you will be able to leverage a bigger audience on Twitter (for whatever goals you might have)
  • Auto-following is also polite. If someone takes the time to read your tweets, it is only fair that you do the same with theirs.
  • By using Twitter tools and applications it is still possible to follow a large number of people, get value out of their tweets and interact with them.

I thought that it would be interesting to see what percentage of our readers auto-follow everyone back, and what percentage does not, so let’s have a poll. You are also welcome to write a comment if you want to share your opinion on the issue.

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39 Responses to “Poll: Do You Auto-Follow Everyone Back on Twitter?”

  • Michael Aulia

    I manually auto follow them 😀 Wish I know an easy way (automated one?) to follow them back. But it is kinda fun to do it manually so I can validate the twitter account

  • Arun Basil Lal

    I think the answer lies in the purpose of your profile and what you use twitter for.

    Large number of followers are good to satisfy your ego. An outsider would feel that, having 3k followers is a big deal. Its nothing.

    If someone who uses auto-follow or follows everyone back try this: Tweet out a link, and observe how many click your link gets. Probably the numbers would be few.

    When I created my profile, I thought of following everyone back out of community love. Eventually I ended up with people who never reply even if I ask them something and never follows anything I tweet.

    But I made some awesome friends in between. I wouldnt have made them if I had chosen to follow only people I know.

    But then, I missed all my friends tweets in between. Also the links I served got fewer responses.

    Then I creatd a new profile to follow my friends and to share resources. Now I never miss any of my friends updates, and the links get awesome responses.

    My advice would be to Create two profiles. A profile to follow everone back and chat with friends, and a second profile to tweet out links and resources and follow friends updates. It works 🙂

    – Barack Obama follows everyone back maybe because he do not wish to dis-please anyone. If he follows someone and do not follow someone else, you know its not bad for politics. (I have nothing to do with Obama or politics, pls dont take offense if you find any)

  • Matej

    Of course not.

    But if someone who follows me replies to back, or message me in some way then I follow them to.

  • Paul OFlaherty

    I couldn’t possibly auto-follow everybody back, if I did whenever I turned on my twitter client I’d get nutting but an unending torrent of spam.

    As time consuming as it may be to be selective about who I follow back (and generally I do follow most folks back unless they are spammy) it would be vastly more time consuming to have to go an moderate the list of people I follow once a week or once a month.

    The numbers of people I follow aren’t as important to me as the conversation.

  • sachin

    You cannot auto follow all who follow you..it is insane…

  • furobiekr

    auto follow is a bad idea.. you are giving your credibility to spammers

  • Rajasekharan

    I have one account for each, one to autofollow and the other one to not autofollow, so that I do not miss the benefits of both!

    To be frank, the account that autofollows has thousands of followers while the other not even a few hundreds! So this way, I’m experimenting with both.

  • Roseli A. Bakar

    wow… I was expecting the opposite but I think many twetters are not using auto-follow sofaware because the high number of spammers of late.

    I follow people manually and will follow everyone back as long as they are not spammers and bots..

    I have no problems with people who trying to sell me something as long as they are not spamming..

  • Buat duit online

    Yeap I do. I use Tweet Later to automatically people that follow me. I think it’s only polite. However I remove those that are just spamming.

  • Kirsten

    Most of the follows I get lately are spam, so not only do I NOT auto-follow, I also screen new followers. I’ve blocked quite a few people lately as well – no reason for some of them to even know what I’m up to. I basically only follow those that I know and/or those that I’m interested in. I don’t have all day to spend on Twitter and I want to keep my list manageable. If that means I only follow 30 or so people, then so be it.

  • Chester

    No. That makes me pathetic and no-life getter.

  • Sandra Sims

    Agree with Mayooresan: “If someone finds my twitter feed useful then they can follow me, but there are no guarantee that my new follower have something I need.”

    I manually visit everyone who follows me and follow on a case by case basis. In Gmail all those notices get labeled as Twitter and skip the inbox. Then I can check new followers when it’s convenient for me.

  • Stropp

    I have a blog about MMO games and my twitter account is linked to that. So when I get someone following me who is not talking the MMORPG talk, they don’t get followed back, simple as that.

    There are non gaming follows, but they are ones I’ve chosen.

    It’s interesting that the overwhelming percentage of non gaming follows I get are from marketers and porno sites. If these followers are interested in what I am saying on Twitter, they’re quite welcome to keep listening. But it soons becomes apparent that they are not interested, because (most of the time) if I havent followed back in less than two days, they unfollow me!

    In that case I don’t particularly care if they follow me or not.

  • Julius

    Hi Daniel! Honestly, I don’t have an idea where my followers are coming from or where they heard me. It only goes to show my ignorance on this matter, though I make it a habit to check those following me before following them back… manually.

    I know it’s a tedious process but it’s still a matter of habit.

  • Nicholas Z. Cardot

    Seems like it is pretty much a concensus. It’s like 90% one way here. I just can’t auto follow with all of the spammers out there. There’s way to much tweet spam for me to want to have it all in my account.

  • Paul

    I don’t follow everyone back but I do follow most. I visit the page of everyone who follows me.

    If they use it for advertising a product or just their own website and nothing else then they aren’t followed back.

    If they make just short comments and never reply to anyone, I’ll follow if the comments are interesting or funny. If not I won’t follow them either.

    Finally, if someone retweets a lot of things and gets involved in conversations with other people I follow them back very quickly.

  • Cassie

    Heck to the NO! I think it’s worth the time to “manually follow” because you’re weeding out the people you don’t want to read about. I have no desire to read the twitter feeds of people who only retweet or only link to their stuff. I follow back when there’s someone interesting on the other end.

  • Boerne Search

    And plus I am so sick of the 5 Britney F**K Vids I get a day.

  • Boerne Search

    No, I thik there is too much porn, spam, and phising sites to auto follow. I look at all mine. A kinda “screen” process. I wouldn’t just leave my front door open. Plus I think it shows what kind of twitter you are by the people you follow. Because anyone can follow you. I think a program auto follow is the worst idea. I try and visit each and every followers profile page. But a few have slipped by I will admit. So now I am more careful. Better safe then sorry 🙂


  • Zemalf

    I don’t feel like auto-following the bots and rewarding those who want more followers just by “exploiting” others who autofollow. The power is not in the numbers, but in the quality.

    I do check the people who follow me and I also check the website or blog if there is a link and then decide if I want to follow or not (the amount, frequency, quality of the tweets are important, nice looking custom background is a bonus).

  • Brandon Mendelson

    I used to auto-follow, but there was just too many Twitterfeeds, marketers, and spammers and it became hard to keep up with the real folks.

    Right now, I’m in the middle of a huge purge to undo all the trouble auto-following brought me.

  • Mayooresan

    Honestly most of them who do that are public figures or online marketers.

    With a small amount of time we have, if we are to read all tweets.. OMG! 😀

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Mayooresan, there are very high profile users who auto-follow everyone back. From Barack Obama to Guy Kawasaki.

  • Sidharth

    I think it is foolish to auto follow. You will be following hundred of spammy accounts and giving them legitimacy.

  • Vincent Chow

    No. What is the point following someone who has nothing more to tweet than to advertise his websites or products?

  • infmom

    Why should I follow people who are saying absolutely nothing that interests me? I check out every new follower’s page and ONLY if I like what they’re saying I follow back. I do not have time to wade through tweet after tweet saying nothing of interest!

  • Steve

    I do with accounts that do not mean anything to me but do not on my personal account.

  • Vic

    Hmmm. I am manually following back my followers to assure they are related to my topics. Hmmm maybe it is right to be discreet in following back our followers – it may result us following spammers and not-real persons who do not even know how to socialize.

  • Mayooresan

    If someone finds my twitter feed useful then they can follow me, but there are no guarantee that my new follower have something I need.

    Most of the people who recommends auto follow are spammers. I’m not a spammer so I wont’ be falling for that auto follow trick 🙂

  • Rarst

    Hell no. Daniel, you are probably bored of me oversharing this position by now. 🙂

    For me Twitter is about reading every single tweet from people whom I more or less know and find interesting and relevant.

    Simply following me doesn’t guarantee any of that.

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