PageRank Update Coming in 2-3 Days


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Hey I am not the one saying it, the word is coming from Mr. Matt Cutts (head of Google’s web spam team).

As you probably know this is just an update of the nominal PR, the one you see on the toolbars. The real one is updated much more frequently, and that is the one that affects your search rankings.

There are people that say “Hey, I don’t care for PR anymore.” Well, I would believe the ones that don’t have any toolbar installed on their browsers to check the PR of the different websites around.

Personally I do care for it. Not a lot, but still.

You can’t deny that PR is a metric used by people to evaluate the trustworthy of a website. Some advertisers and site buyers also take it into consideration.

Anyway, let’s see what will happen. I am hoping that some of my new websites will gain some PR from 0, and hopefully Daily Blog Tips will keep its PR7.

Do you have any websites where you expect changes?

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41 Responses to “PageRank Update Coming in 2-3 Days”

  • Trevor

    I enjoyed the read just heard about some new google stuff going on possibly hurting small businesses. I have been trying back links now for the past 2 weeks and have reached 427 so far and trying to find good sites with high pr but it is somewhat hard to find and even harder to post on them sometimes but thanks for the info man appreciate it very much thanks again.

  • ayman

    good work

  • Kitchen appliance Reviews

    My site is 4 months old and still has a PR of 0. Where am I going wrong?

  • Karthick

    Hi my page rank down 2 to 1, why? what can I do for increasing my page rank?

  • maxi

    wow! PR7! that’s great!

    how i wish my blog with a PR of 3 will go up atleast a rank higher after some months.

    wish me luck!

  • pc walkthrough

    So, now how will google give pagerank to a blog either by no of inbound links or any thing else like getting more pages indexed for keywords in your blog. i.e depending upon visibility of blog in search results.

  • Jony

    Isnt theres any proper way t gain a good PR ?


    i got my first page rank score about time… goal is to increase my page rank to 5

  • G

    Hoping to get a PR1 for my 3week old blog x_x

  • Tipolog

    Some Of my Websites changed Up ,Some changed down ^^ and others keep their old PR ^^ they will be changed next time i think ^^ 🙂
    have a nice day ^^


    My PR stayed the same, a solid 5. I wa shoping it would go up, but at least so far I haven’t lost any PR. Whew! Thank God for that. 🙂

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