Open Discussion: Does Your Traffic Feel the Summer Slump?


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When I was at the University (some three years ago) I used to love the period that went from June to August. It was summer time (on the northern hemisphere at least), we had a study break and so on. Now that I work as a web publisher on the Internet, however, that period sucks.

Curiously enough, it sucks for the same reasons. It is summer time, and people are taking a break from their studies or from their work. The only difference is that my perspective changed. Today I want people to stay in their homes or on their offices and visit my websites!

Now it is not as bad as I described it, but every June-August I do feel a downwards pressure on my traffic. I remember that in 2007 my traffic went down by 20% in June and July. On August it returned to the previous level, and in September it started growing again.

This year I managed to handle the slump better. June and July were flat months (almost the same traffic as May), and in August I expect the numbers to get back on the growing path.

Regardless, it is pretty annoying to see these sluggish traffic trends when during the other months of the year it is always growing.

I guess it also depends on your niche and demographic audience. A website that focus on U.S. teenagers would feel a much greater summer slump right?

But what about you and your websites. Does your traffic goes down between June and August? What tactics do you use to combat it, or you simply take a break as well?

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48 Responses to “Open Discussion: Does Your Traffic Feel the Summer Slump?”

  • Ramiro

    Hi! My traffic goes down in August. Usually I have 3000 visits per day but in August the visits go down: 1000 visitsa day.
    Thank you for another great post.

  • Alex the Freelance Twin

    A couple of my websites have, but overall it’s been pretty good this summer. The sites that have been affected are geared towards school students, so it’s more than understandable those would fall off.

  • Max Forlani

    Well, for me these months have quite the opposite effect. My blog Istanbul Trails, which gives tips & tricks for tourists visiting Istanbul, obviously gets more traffic during and just before the holiday season.


  • TheAnand

    That is the beauty of having content to serve the globe 🙂 In the summer, you target places like asia or so where people rarely take vacations 🙂

  • John

    I’m sure it has something to do with our efforts to promote our site, but we’re having our best two months of traffic ever this summer.

  • Ultimate Blogging Experiment

    Oh yeah. I have noticed a huge difference. I have actually noticed a huge difference and how many people actually comment on my posts. There has been a lot of traffic coming from feed readers but yet they are never commenting like they were before June.

  • Denise

    Teacher blogs like mine definitely hit the doldrums in the summer, although a controversial post can still drive traffic.

  • stetoscope

    May be you should take some holidays as your visitors do ? I started my blof in june, so have not noticed anything yet… I must say that the days of the WE are usually low days as to visits.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Laura, another interesting thing I can see is when you have holidays on the U.S. Daily Writing Tips has some 5,000 email subscribers, and on holidays I get like 50 messages with “I am out of the office until…”

    @Sarah, yeah it is a pretty wide spread phenomenon.

    @Mayooresan, yeah if your American audience is small you won’t feel this.

    @Writer Dad, yeah weekends are not my favorite days either. Crazy as it sounds 🙂 .

    @Tanner, yeah the niche affects this a lot.

  • Casey

    This is a really interesting topic, I just starting my blog in late April and have steadily been growning to about 1,300 clicks a day – however the weekends are dead.

    My topics are celebrities, so I do have a younger audience. I’m really looking forward to the 4th quarter now that I have read everyones comments!

  • Nick Russell

    Since my main blog is about RV travel, and most people do their traveling late from May through mid-September, we most certainly see a slump during the summer months.

    I have found that by leaving comments on other blogs and on forums related to my topics, I can get the traffic up a bit, but it is still a noticable drop in numbers.

  • Jerry Ong

    My Sites traffic / income drop about 30% since last day of July! I’m still wondering why this happened and now your post give me some idea of what happened actually 🙂 Thanks for sharing rich info and learn lots from your site! Cheers

  • David Bradley

    It’s up and down. There’s usually a certain degree of lethargy during the summer months, but then the site had a spike yesterday up about 30% without any apparent single source or referrer that I could see. But, then I did mention Harry Potter the other day, maybe it was that.

  • Rhea

    My traffic took a nosedive and I am so relieved to learn it’s not just my blog. I go around looking for new blogs in my area (midlife and baby boomer stuff) and comment on them. That’s how I begin to get some new traffic.

  • Rob

    I think it depends somewhat on the subject of the blog. Content focused on the business world is less affected by the summer doldrums than content that is focused on the college and younger crowds. On the other hand content focused on the business world tends to drop off a cliff on weekends.

  • Tanner Hobin

    Most of my blogs do slump during summer months, but one greatly increases. It’s a blog focused on the popular backyard game called Washers. Shameless plug:

    Traffic nearly quadruples during the summer months for obvious reasons.

  • Writer Dad

    I just started with this whole thing, so I have no frame of reference (I’m only on my third week), but I have noticed that the weekends are like a ghost town. I practically see a tumbleweed roll past my screen when I log on to Google Analytics.

  • Mayooresan

    Ha.. ha..! Thatz pretty interesting…!
    I get arnd 200 Hits per day. It doesn’t make much sense for my blog. After all my visiters are mostly Indians and very few Americans.

  • Sarah Bray

    Thanks for bringing this up…I’ve noticed that things have been slow for several of my clients, and we haven’t been able to figure out why. It makes complete sense, though (but I am still on my computer even through the summer!)

  • Laura

    You know I hadn’t thought of that. My “industry” does seem to shift into “travel mode” this time of year. And I’d venture to say that most don’t travel with technology at their fingertips. And that gives me some ideas for posts in the fall. Thanks.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @esvl, yeah December is best for everyone. By summer slump I mean the northern countries summer, so July – August.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Mathieiu, yeah I would expect a higher growth rate in the months to come.

    @Ramiro, you mean August of 2007? 50% drop is a big one, I guess as you stated it is because of your audience.

    @Ben, yeah wine blogs should have a good time all around the year 🙂 .

    @Rajab, yeah I think the effect on DBT is not that big due to the nature of our audience. Bloggers should be online through out the year after all.

    @Martin, yeah I mentioned that in the post. It would be difficult to target the southern hemisphere though. I would need to right in Spanish, Portuguese, or about the land down under 🙂 .

  • esvl

    Strangely i have not noticed this. My traffic is usually best at December.

  • Martin

    Bear in mind that although it’s summer in the northern hemisphere, it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, so there’s no summer holidays down under!
    Maybe you should try wring more posts targeting southern hemisphere readers during the northern summer months 😉

  • Rarst

    Started in July, number of visitors slowly rising. Guess by autumn I’ll have bunch of articles for them to google and some incoming links from other sites for them to follow. 🙂

  • th13rteen

    I just started a blogging (about 8 months), so I can’t really tell. But, one thing for sure is that my blog and my forum always go dead on weekends.

    My blog and forum is both related to webmaster stuff. I don’t think the traffic will go down for my niche during summer. Well lets see.

  • Rajab Bader

    Well, Daniel, If you all of your visitors were like me, then there shouldn’t be a drop in traffic, because they would, like me, always be online lol. I’m on vacation but the laptop is always with me even in the bar, beach, bathrom, bedroom, under the tree… keep on

  • Ben

    Because of my niche, my peak traffic times are June to September. I usually post from September to June and have taken the past 2 summers off. I probably could have a more traffic if I posted during the peak traffic times, but hey, it’s summer and I’m going to enjoy it.

  • Ramiro

    My traffic went down i August. Usually, I get 1500 visits oer day in July and 3000 oer day in September.
    The explanation: my visitors are teachers and they all have summer holidays.
    I do nothing to overcome the situation. I go on posting at least 4 times a day, eveyday.
    I am portuguese and write in portuguese a blog for teachers.

  • Mathieu

    It’s hard to tell for me, as I started my blog in April and it started to get more and more popular by July. If this is the “dead” period though, I can’t wait to see what I’ll get in August/September and more!

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