Online Profits Is Open, And Now It Is Free!


A couple of weeks ago I told you guys that I wanted to make the Online Profits training program accessible to as many people as possible, right? Well, we just re-opened the doors, and now the program is free!

During the last launch it had a cost of $392, and yet we got hundreds of members aboard. On top of that the feedback was great, as most members said the knowledge they got out of the course was more than worth it. So why did I decided to make it free?

As I said, to make it accessible to anyone who wants to join, and to foster an active community there. These were my goals with the program, and I realized that making it free was the right move to achieve that. Probably I won’t be making as much money as I could with this project, but that is fine with me.

There is one requirement before you can get your free member account, though. You need to sign-up for a hosting plan with one of our partners ( and Obviously I’ll earn a commission when you do that, but still I think it is a win-win situation. You’ll need to spend $10 or so, and in exchange you’ll get a quality hosting plan to host one more website, and access to a training program that used to cost $392.

The “Lesson Grid” section has been revamped, and now it has over 100 training pieces. Last time I checked all the lessons, interviews and case studies combined had over 150,000 words….

Another section I think you guys will love is the “Live Case Study” one. I am basically building a website from scratch, and you’ll be able to follow step by step until it starts making a decent amount of money.

Finally, you’ll also be able to interact both with me and with the other members on our private forums. I try to answer to every single question that is posted there.

So head over to and sign-up. I’ll see you inside!

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46 Responses to “Online Profits Is Open, And Now It Is Free!”

  • Nick

    I already Hostgator hosting. Do still offer HostNine? If not, can you please share why not.


  • Maya ada

    Thank you daniel you provided great opportunity to avail this wonderful option. As i have seen the hosting packages offered by your partner’s website, these are also fascinating. You are right its win-win situation.

  • Mathew Day

    This is one of the coolest opportunities I’ve seen all year, Wow your generous Daniel! 🙂

  • Kevin Muldoon

    A fantastic deal Daniel. I’m sure hundreds if not thousands will be signing up to this.

  • Sheila Atwood

    I have found this course to be one of the most valuable assets I have.

    The course is laid out step by step for success. And needless to say the training is top notch.

    If you questioning moving your hosting…do it! You will be glad you did.

  • Web Marketing Tips

    FREE word can add negative impression Daniel.

    • Daniel Scocco

      I am pretty confident about the quality of the material, so not worried with that at all.

  • Derek

    Thanks for the freebie.

    My question is for the affiliate program attached. If we want to join it and recommend our friends to onlineprofits, will we make a commision somehow? Btw, i am already have a HG account. If you want to, send me a email about this and remove my comment since this is about the business side and not about the affiliate program attached.

    • Melvin

      Yep you’ll do. Its stated that you can make $20 for every member you send to the program.. (assuming they will not cancel)

  • Jackie Jackson

    Daniel, is it allowed to use coupon codes when we sign up for hosting through ur link? I mean that way Hostgator can cost $0.99 for the first month!

    • Daniel Scocco

      You need to use the coupon “onlineprofits” on HostGator. That will also give you $10 discount on the first month.

      • Web Marketing Tips

        $10 discount that means free for first month and hence they will be able to get your program.

        What if they will not pay the hosting fee after that … as they have got the permission of your program.

  • Om

    I am one of those who joined in January and paid the full $392. Can’t honestly say I’m too happy it’s now free, and so wish I’d waited (especially since I haven’t made the most of it yet – my fault)! On the other hand I felt it was worth every single dollar, so you’d be crazy not to join now!

    • Daniel Scocco

      Make sure to check the members area now. You’ll find a bunch of new stuff there, including the “Live Case Study” section.

      • Om

        Yeah, that is a very useful addition. I’ll try and follow in sync with my own project. By the way, Step 2 of the Live Case Study throws up “Error 404 – Not Found”.

      • Daniel Scocco

        Fixed that. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Oscar – freestyle mind

    Congratulations Daniel, this is a great move!

  • Edward Nigma

    But, others will receive the same for free =)

  • Edward Nigma

    Imagine that a guy with $1,000,000 home page gave out the last thousand for free =)

  • Edward Nigma

    I bet now the guys who paid some time ago a pretty angry =)

    • Daniel Scocco

      Past members will also gain with this, because the community there will be more active, and they also keep their access to all the new content I am putting there.

      In fact there is a comment from a past member (Elle) above, and she liked the new model too.

      • Web Marketing Tips

        But however they may feel like cheated ??

        You should add something extra for them.

  • KS Chen

    Hi Daniel! I am already a Hostgator client. Am i still eligible for this course? I really wish to learn from you. Thanks a lot!

    • Daniel Scocco

      Yes, you just need to sign-up with HostNine instead.

  • ROW

    Offer is certainly good and a no brainer.

    I am wondering what was the reaction of your current paying members.

    • Daniel Scocco

      All past members retain their lifetime access, and they will also gain with all the new updated material. Before launching this I sent an email to all of them, and virtually everyone was fine with it.

  • Yolanda

    Well, it’s not really free but a good strategy none the less.

    • Daniel Scocco

      The course itself is free, but yeah there is a requirement that you need to get a hosting plan with one of our partners. But that costs around $10 (plus you get the hosting).

  • Bob

    Did you write all the material lessons yourself or did you find the information on the internet and adjust it accordingly – because there is quite a lot of content for one person to write.

    • Daniel Scocco

      10 mentors contributed to the lessons. You can check this in the Online Profits homepage. The content is absolutely unique though. You won’t find it anywhere else on the web.

  • Mukundan Srinivasan

    Onlineprofits site looks impressive. Congrats Daniel Scocco its really an innovative idea. I am very eager to signup. Thumbs Up!

  • Gary David | Drive Thousands Of Traffic

    Thanks for sharing this Daniel. Will try this out, I already have hostgator so this won’t be a problem for me.



    • Daniel Scocco

      If you are a HostGator client already you’ll need to sign-up with instead.

      • Web Marketing Tips

        What is any one have both ?

  • Josh Garcia

    Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for opening this for FREE!

  • Melvin

    nope i clicked through the link from onlineprofits and was redirected immediately from there.. btw, i snapped up the baby..


  • Melvin

    btw, i was redirected to the reseller, vps, and dedicated account signup on gator. do i have to sign up for that? or its just fine to go with the baby account?

    • Daniel Scocco

      Baby account is fine. You probably went to their homepage, where they advertise the reseller, VPS and dedicated servers. But there is a plan starting a “$4.95” above that. Or you can use the navigation menu and click on “Web Hosting” to choose the small plan.

  • Melvin

    this is insane.. i dont know what to say.. 🙂

    (pushing the aff.program hard). 😉

  • Elle

    Great move Daniel! I took the course when it first launched and it has been extremely helpful. I’ve sold my personal finance site for college student and started a new one for couples in a fraction of the time. It’s a wonderful course; thanks for opening it up!

    • Daniel Scocco

      Thanks Elle. Make sure to check the members area again, and there is a lot of new stuff.

  • Damar

    wow..its FREE?

    • Daniel Scocco


      • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

        But we do have to purchase a hosting plan from either hostgator or hostnine.

      • Daniel Scocco

        Yes you do have to purchase a hosting plan. But that is like $10, for a course that used to cost $392. If you don’t think this is a good deal then it is definitely not the right course for you.

      • Web Marketing Tips

        Nice to see that you picked the right and reliable hosting plan and partner as well.

        So with that if any newbie come to this than he do not have to scratch his head for hosting plan.

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