Online Profits Has Launched: 50% Discount This Week Only


online profits logoAll right guys, Online Profits is live. If you go to the website right now you will find all the information about the mentors, the training modules, and all the other resources that are included. More specifically, the membership to the site will give you access to:

  • 21 training modules and 66 lessons
  • video tutorials
  • exclusive interviews and case studies
  • private Forum where you will get all your questions answered
  • the Social Club to boost your social media traffic and exposure
  • exclusive tools and resources
  • a vibrant community of Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs

As for the training modules, I believe this is one of the most complete programs around. Here is the list of the 21 module (each has several lessons inside).

  • Introduction and Business Principles
  • Domain Names
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • WordPress
  • Web Design for Entrepreneurs
  • Business Models
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Blogs
  • Other Types of Websites
  • Web Content and Copywriting
  • Basic SEO
  • Advanced SEO
  • Generating Traffic
  • Social Media
  • Web Metrics
  • Selling Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC (Pay-per-Click)
  • Landing Pages
  • Selling Your Products

Now about the question that is on the mind of most of you: how much does it cost?

The program will be open for new members only during this week (from today until Friday 16). The members joining this initial launch phase will be able to pay only $48 instead of the official $98 price that will be charged on the second launch.

I am pretty sure that the people joining will find the training program more than worth the money the will pay for. If you don’t, there is always a hassle free money back guarantee.

Check out the Online Profits website for all the info about the program.

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19 Responses to “Online Profits Has Launched: 50% Discount This Week Only”

  • Tech @ InkAPoint

    All the best man. Finally you are going one step ahead.

  • Matt Mernagh

    im excited. considering the opportunity. i started a website couching surf and somewhat traveling the country. learning to monetize and capitalize now.

  • E-Business Blog Com

    congrat for the program Tom and thanks for Disc!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Dan, I don’t think it is necessary to have many funds available in the beginning. In fact to reach your first $1,000 monthly online you should just need a domain name and a web hosting plan at $5 monthly or so.

    You can always join the program and use the first 30 days to evaluate if its the right one for you. If it is not, ask a refund and you are set.

  • Dan @

    My income is small because I have limited funds for re-investment. I am making return on my effort, but growth doesn’t happen over night. The reason why I am curious about the course is I wonder what I’m missing.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Matej, yeah experienced people will come across some lessons they already know about.

    You can always join and stay for 1 month, then decide.

    That won’t cost you nothing 🙂 .

    @Laura, you have 1 month to stay and still decide it is not the right program for you. No questions asked on refunds, that is our policy.

  • Laura-Whateverebay

    an impressive list of lessons. I will check it out. It such a busy time for me, I had appreciated an extra week to sign-up. It would help to have a preview of presentation of what to expect. The outline of lessons is not enough 🙂 but I certainly do appreciate the info

  • Matej

    Some lessons seem to be really for true begginers … aka waste of money.

    But I feel really tempted because I really want to know what all these popular bloggers/marketers have to say about it, when you pay them 🙂

    Especially last 5 lessons, I don’t have much knowledge about it, expect the things I learn by reading for example Zacs blog.

    I can afford it but I’m not sure is it right thing for me at the moment …

  • Jamaipanese

    very good service, too bad I can’t afford it. I am sure it will be useful and be successful.

  • 15 Minutes to Riches!

    This looks pretty interesting… trying to decide, hmmm.

  • Firas Steitiyeh

    well done Daniel,, all the luckk 🙂


  • SEO Genius

    Sounds like an excellent idea. I will take a look sometime today 🙂

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Dan, if you are already earning enough money online than this product is not the right one for you.

    If you already know all that information but has a very tiny income, as you said, something is wrong there, and the program might or might not help you.

    Finally, the price is $48 monthly, and the course has a duration of six months, so there will be 6 payments of $48 if you want to stay until the end.

    You can quit at any time though, and wont need to pay for the remaining months obviously.

  • Dan @

    The service is still very expensive for those of us who have a very tiny income. I question the value it has for someone like me who has a lot of knowledge in some of the areas above already. I wasn’t too impressed with your Killer Domains book, as it didn’t offer anything for me personally.

    Can I clarify, at the current discount… $48 a month for 6 months?


  • Daniel Scocco

    @Laksh, Darren does not do paid reviews on his blog, as I don’t do here.

    He wrote that post himself.

    As for the program, yeah the 50% discount will stay good for all this week. After that we will close the doors for the program though.

    @Satish, thanks man.

  • Satish —

    Congrats Daniel, on its launch.

    Great offer….I am sure it will be a big success. And a day will come where everybody will point to when asked about internet marketing and online bussiness.

    Shared about it on my blog.

  • Make Money Online with a 17 year old kid

    Hello Daniel,
    I read about it from Darren Rowse on Problogger. It was paid article there or he wrote himself?

    By the way, I am very much interested in it. I am sure your 50% discount scheme will definitely work very well as I am buying it in the 48$ scheme only. Although, its worth 200$ but I don’t think to learn these things out of which half I already know well I will pay 98$.

    So I hope your sales boom.


  • Daniel Scocco

    Thanks Tom.

  • Tom –

    Great deal! I hope a lot of your subscribers take a hold of it. 😀

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