Now You Can Use Dynamic Subject Lines for Your Feedburner Emails


This was probably the most requested feature in the history of Feedburner. Until yesterday, if people subscribed to your blog via the Feedburner email service, all the subject lines of your emails would be static, containing either the name of your blog or some other text that you would specify.

This is obviously annoying because subscribers can’t know what the email is about before they open it. On Daily Writing Tips we have close to 10,000 email subscribers, and at least once a week one of them would email us asking how come the subject lines only contained the name of the blog….

Well, good news (spotted by Problogger and Technotip). Feedburner was probably working on that feature already, and today they finally released it.


Now you can use the code ${latestItemTitle} to make the subject line of your emails equal to the title of your latest post. Once logged in Feedburner, you can do this under “Publicize” > “Email Subscrptions” > “Email Branding.”

You will find the code there, with some examples of how you can use it. Cool stuff.

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23 Responses to “Now You Can Use Dynamic Subject Lines for Your Feedburner Emails”

  • Andy Moorhouse

    Hi Daniel – thanks for this.

    I’ll have a hunt around your site for other stuff – what are your top tips for new WordPress users?

    I’m using a barely modified Kubrik theme.



    PS. I dig the three screen set up!

  • teratips

    Huaaa!!!, thanks for this such a cool info

  • Nicholas Z. Cardot

    I’ve already updated mine. Thanks!

  • Todd Wallace

    Thanks for this one. I just set up my feedburner account a few days ago. It must have been right before they made the change.

  • Hubtonomy

    Yeah, I was just reading about that. Nice addition to the feedburner features.

  • Ching Ya

    Now I’ve been waiting for this feature for quite some times now. Thanks so much for the updates. Great news to all bloggers.

  • Muzi Mohale

    Feedburner seriously needs to better their service and compete with aweber and icontant, through their innovative approach which allows publishers freedom to manage their lists.

  • Tom Bradshaw

    Big thanks for the info!

  • Grant

    That’s a great bit of info, thanks

  • Mr. I

    It took lot of prayers but finally, Google opened the ears! I just hope their are no bugs with it! (Last time’s count problem was just too irritating, if this feature also gets plagued in a similar manner, I’d have to stop using FeedBurner!)

  • GoBusiness101

    This is an awesome tip! Tanx dailyblogtips!

  • Rajasekharan

    Thanks Daniel for that hot tip, was awaiting this feature for a long time.

  • Sarb – Only Admission

    Perfect, just when I thought that it will never be implemented.

    I hope there will be more customization options in future.

  • Chester

    Yay. I’ve been waiting for this for some time. Glad you shared it. Thanks!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Arun, yeah I asked this a lot 🙂 .

  • Stu

    Great news – been waiting for this one for a while.

  • Amy Warden

    Whoopee!! I just changed mine! Thanks for letting us know!

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Ah.. Finally they heard your prayers. I remember you writing open-emails to FeedBurner. This was a much wanted thing.

    The gap between FeedBurner and FeedBlitz is closing down.

  • SATISH —

    Luckily I spotted it when I was checking my email subscribers list.

    But now I saw the official announcement on Adsense for Feed blog!.

  • Blog Ebooks – Claus D Jensen

    Great to know!

    Maybe one should give Feedburner a serious try!

    Claus D Jensen 😀


    Great idea…and even better that you gave us the head’s up. We’ve locked in through all of our blogs across Canada now because of it!


  • tiffany

    AWESOME! I’m so glad they finally added that! Thanks for passing it along. I’m updating my account right…now…

  • Steve Creek

    This is great news! Thanks for the heads up. I was not aware of it.

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