Now You Can Manage Your Banner Ads With Google


Thinking about it now, it does make sense. They already have the largest ad network on the Internet. They have Google Analytics. They have Feedburner. An ad management application can fit well inside all that stuff.

Google Ad Manager will enable you to manage your advertising inventory, target specific visitors, produce reports and more. The interesting thing is that you can integrate banners that you will sell directly with AdSense units or even ads coming from other ad networks, and manage all that under a single interface.


OpenAds announced a hosted ad management solution some time ago, but now they will have some fierce competition. I like to host my ads on my own server, mainly because I am paranoid about load time performance. But now that big G is in the business I might give their service a try. They sure must have some big pipes to make sure that everything flows smoothly.

On a side note, what is left for Google to take?

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16 Responses to “Now You Can Manage Your Banner Ads With Google”

  • jinglian

    This is where the doubleclick deal comes into play! Very nice move on Google’s Part

  • medyum

    This looks like it should be a great asset for us and my company.

  • FT Lauderdale Real Estate

    I wasnt aware of that program, i will check it out!

  • Karthik

    Daniel, You left a point hanging loose that not many picked up, its more of a blog post in itself – Google seems to be covering the entire Internet – and turning a lot of people against them.

    Its just truly awesome what a company can do on the internet!

    Sorry about the ramble, its just something I’ve also thought of!

  • Robert Bardou

    Is this a new service of Google? I hear for the first time about it from you. When they have started it?

  • Jason L.

    This looks like it should be a great asset for us and my company. Thanks for the info!

  • Malin

    Looks interesting, but I will wait and see what other bloggers will say about it before getting in to it myself 😉

  • Daniel Scocco

    Sumesh, I am one of them. In fact I don’t even run GA unless I need to get specific numbers.

    I just use server logs on a day to day basis. That is as fast as you can go :).

  • Sumesh

    Load times will probably increase compared to hosting on your server, because of Google’s fast servers.

    It goes like this – if you have both ad server and blog server with good performance, using 2 domains (ad server and your blog) can speed up things. But create a bottleneck anywhere, and it will be more trouble.

    I’m pretty sure Google’s got this well optimized. I can’t count the number of optimization-crazy people who have switched from Mint to GAnalytics for performance reasons.

  • fc

    Interesting bit there.. but surely they’ll take away a bit out of that.. even openads is limited to a few beta testers currently (right?).. and all this makes me wonder at least as a blogger why something like oiopublisher has been long ignored.. I really love that plugin.. and would rather use it secured in my server than go to google..

    having said that I’d surely like to try it to see if it’s something I’d refer to others..

  • Llama Money

    Part of me hates Google for a variety of reasons… partly because I already use so many of their services. Being tied to one company is always worrisome. On the other hand, their services rock ( and are free! ), so I’ll be giving this one a try. Good chance I’ll end up hooked like usual.

  • Darin Carter

    This is where the doubleclick deal comes into play! Very nice move on Google’s Part however … when did google ever really make a bad move!


  • Hussein

    Cool. Google Ad Manager. At first, I though your talking about google adsense ad manager. So I became curious and click the read more link 🙂

  • Michal Splho

    It looks worthy to try. I am just experimenting with AdSense, looks promissing.

  • The How-To Geek

    Thanks for this… hopefully I can get in on the beta!

    I’ve been using Openads for the same reason as you, but it’s taxing on the server. I’d be happy to outsource ads to Google as long as it’s free or very cheap.

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