Not Using Twitter Anymore? Let’s Change It!


There was a time when Twitter was in limelight and everyone created an account and started promoting their blog and business. This trend seem to have declined a bit with small businesses. We can still reconnect and make optimum use of it and build the reputation for our brands rapidly.

“The POWER of TWITTER is in the NETWORK of PEOPLE using it, and its ability to bring users close to what’s most meaningful to them.”

Let?s see how we can (re)connect with Twitter and with each other:

1. Complete Your Profile

However basic it might sound to read, people still postpone doing this. Fill the details and include link to your company website or landing page or your personal website where people can actually connect to (and know more about) you/your brand. Make sure to upload the profile picture ? if you are on Twitter to promote your brand, then make sure to include your brands logo and banners ? with company name and tagline in the profile description section.

2. Leverage Twitter Search Tool

Use keywords related to your niche and make sure to follow and interact with your target audience and industry leaders. Do not promote your stuffs to them. Make sure you help them with your work/knowledge. If at any point there is any opportunity to collaborate with them, then you can extend your partnership offer.

Using Twitter Search, you can connect with a lot of your potential clients ? give it a try, if you haven?t already.

3. Tweet Regularly

You can broadcast your company event information, press release links or company event photographs, a blog post related to your niche etc. This way, you?ll be seen by people ? so that they can remember your brand when there is a need. The best way to become a super user of a social platform is to be active and post relevant content regularly.

4. Leverage Advertising on Twitter

Banner ads has lower click-through rates, but helps is spreading awareness about the product or the brand. In case of Twitter’s ad platform, it helps your target audience to directly interact with your brand. Since tweets are a live event, people can interact with your tweet and your promotion would get more real and relevant exposure due to the interaction it creates among your audience. Twitter advertisers buy advertising in an auction at a cost-per-engagement rate, and then pay based on engagement.

Twitter Advertising includes: Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts.

5. Use hashtags to your advantage

Make use of meaningful hashtags. For example, instead of simply showing a banner on your blogs which reads ‘Follow us on Twitter’, you can write ‘Tweet us with the hashtag #hashtagName’. If enough people use it and your hashtag is popular enough at any given time, you’ll get lot more engagement on Twitter, lot more followers and lot more customers – if you handle the conversation properly. Do not ignore the hashtags – it can bring you a lot of new customers and get your brand instant boost.

6. Private Lists

Add authoritative people in your niche to a private list, and make sure to reply whenever its appropriate. Retweet their tweets which you think will be helpful to your audience/followers. Your mentions, retweets and favorites would surely be noticed sooner or later. Build good relationship.

“The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing it.”

7. Live Tweets in Search Result Page

Google and Twitter are said to be in discussion to show live tweets on Google Search Result Page(SERP). This means a lot to businesses. Make sure you’ve good reputation online. Some studies have shown that tweets of people with more followers are often shown in the search result page. Tweets with images have higher chances of being shown in the search result. Engagement with tweets is also believed to be one of the signals for your tweet to be ranked better in SERP.

8. Engagement

Following all the tactics you could get more eyeballs to your brand. But to have a positive impact, you need to engage the audience properly. If you do not handle a customer properly you have more chances of ruining your brand’s reputation, than building it. According to a study, a discouraged person is 59% more likely to share an experience with their friends than a satisfied person. So do not ignore your customers query. Be responsive, be responsible.

9. Twitter Analytics

Make use of Twitters analytic tool and track the engagement for your tweet. You can access the tool at or you can directly go to your profile, select the tweet and click on the analytic icon to get brief report.


Brief Report of the tweet: an example:


10. Community/Club – Possibilities

There is a lot of potential for bloggers/business owners from Twitter. We can connect with people in our niche and help each other by cross promoting our works – basically partnering with each other in taking your niche forward and ultimately helping your customers together.

Previously we built a working prototype to test the strategy and we could promote our good works and get lot of customers to our own business and to our partners as well. So finally we built the system from scratch to make it available to everyone.

It’s a Twitter Client + ReTweet Club integrated + some more premium features. We want to extend free lifetime subscription to all early adopters.

You can sign up at:

I wish you all a MASSIVE success.

Author Bio: Satish is an author, web developer and an entrepreneur. He blogs at

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    Twitter is one of the most popular social sharing site. In this modern era everybody wants to connect with their friends by social sharing site. You can be a superstar via using it. If you have more followers, you also can earn money from twitter by showing ads. Finally I want to say that this is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about more topic.

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    Twitter was overcrowded with spammers a couple of years back but now with changed guidelines its surely tough to spam.With proper reputation and quality of tweets the user can get lots of followers. Great article though!

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