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I’ve been fighting a secret battle within me for sometimes now and I’m sure so many bloggers are doing the same. That battle is the battle of my next blog post going viral.

I used to be someone who writes what comes to my mind freely as a blog post, and in reality, some of those blog posts will go viral while others won’t go viral – but at the end, they are all impacting the lives of my readers, and that is all that matters.

Beware of the Crippling Effect

It is said that those who pursue money never find it: even though I don’t believe entirely in the saying I can see clearly there is some truth to it, and the same principle applies to every other facet of life. It also means those who pursue fame will hardly get it.

The question now is, why is this?

As bloggers, the key to our success lies in our creativity and this creativity is hampered when it isn’t our sole focus. When you’re obsessed only with writing viral blog posts as a blogger you will find it difficult to focus on what really matters, which is delivering value to your audience. One thing that makes things even worse is the fact that we bloggers believe in formulas, and the reality is that nothing in blogging is certain. If a particular formula works for you, or you’ve seen a particular formula work always for other bloggers and you decided to try it, without getting results you will start feeling differently about yourself and you will be confused about what to write next.

Do these instead…

Once you’ve realized that not all your blog posts will go viral, there are a few things you can do to ensure you always get the best from your blogging efforts, and below are 4 very important things to do.

Make Use of Ideas as they Come: One thing I have observed is that there is nothing we can’t learn from as a blogger, and that every single minute, every single day, there are always new ideas flowing into our heads. Instead of trying to wait until you get the idea for the next viral post, or instead of looking for a proven formula for writing viral posts start jotting down ideas as they come and start making the best use of them. Blogging can be compared to the movie industry. When a particular company manufactures a movie that isn’t a hit, they keep on manufacturing movies until one of those movies become a hit that will in turn cover the cost of the other failed productions.

Successful bloggers didn’t emerge successful overnight, so don’t expect the same. Instead do your best to ensure you’re able to deliver great, insightful and unique content to your readers on a regular basis. It might take a year, it might take two, it might even take more, but results will come – and when the results come other people will start envying you while thinking you’re an overnight success.

Focus on Writing Pillar Content: There are various kinds of content in blogging. One of the most common types of content you can write is what Daniel calls Killer Article. Killer articles, also called linkbaits or pillar articles, is an evergreen content that people keep reading and linking to for years to come. The reality is that your pillar content might not go viral when your first write it, in fact, it might not go viral the first month, but you will continue to see traffic trickling in to it for the rest of the year – the reason is because it is ever-green, it is time independent and people still find it valuable for their present situation.

A one-off viral blog post might only lead to a traffic spike that will end up dying in a few days or weeks time, but when you write pillar content you will end up enjoying the benefit of your labor for years to come.

Take Marketing Your Blog to a New Level: Another thing you have to realize is that marketing is the backbone of any successful blog so instead of trying to write the next best content why not focus on marketing your blog on a consistent basis till it becomes big itself? This way instead of trying to write the next link-bait your consistent marketing efforts will result in a slow, but steady, growth for your blog that will end up having an impact on every one of your blog posts in the near future.

Take Advantage of SEO for Your Blog Posts: I wrote a particular blog post over a year ago, when I was just starting my blog. At the time I wrote that blog post it hardly brought in 100 visitors in a particular month. That blog post is now the most popular blog post on my blog and it brings almost 2,000 visitors to my blog every month, mostly from the search engines. When you write a viral blog post it might get a boost from Stumbleupon which will die down with time, but when you focus on optimizing your blog post for the search engines it will keep on bringing you traffic for years to come even if you don’t lift a finger.

Instead of focusing on writing the next viral blog post, start focusing on optimizing your old and new posts for the search engines so that they can keep bringing you traffic for years to come.

About the Author: Onibalusi Bamidele is a 17 year old blogger and internet marketer making over $3,000 online monthly. Learn more about how he does what he does by visiting

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16 Responses to “Not all Your Blog Posts Will go Viral”

  • Peter Almeida

    One thing I’ve noticed is that a viral post almost always has an interesting and uncommon title.

  • Darryl Burma

    Some great points here. The truth is you will never know beforehand whether or not a post/article will go viral. The main thing is to focus on writing the best possible content and the rest will take care of itself.

  • eryk

    I agree with your option, content is what makes the law, and if you miss a very good content then you will have a huge impact.


  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    @Googler I’m very certain your blog posts will start going viral soon once you realize the importance of thinking about your readers and giving consistent value without expecting anything return.

  • googler

    Fantastic article Oni.. Looks like I need this one in my blogging career since I am a noob to this. I haven’t had a post that went viral yet. Hopefully with your advices, it will come soon.

  • Jamie Northrup

    Another great guest post by the Guest Post King, Oni… thanks for sharing… I wish all my posts went viral, or as viral as my top post anyways…

  • Jasmine

    Definitely, not all blog posts will go viral. Only the best ones stand a chance, and luck also plays a role! 🙂

  • David

    Well said Onibalusi! I’ve only had one post go viral so I’ll keep hoping.

  • krishna verma

    Great post first of all, I also agree with you that content is the king. If you have few killer posts then you can definitely make an impact.

  • Michael Michael

    I quite agree with you, not all posts are going to go viral. Some blog posts would be exceptionally well, and people will have no option than to spread it across the web. The ones that will make it to the top and go viral has some unique features in them. It contains W.I.I.F.M. Thank you for sharing Onibalusi

  • jibran

    yes that is right
    i always wanted to see my all blog post on top of ranking but sometimes it happens and some time nothing happens

  • Tish

    Good article. Viral is the “buzz” word today and we in the blogosphere want to do what is so easily done in the video world and that is “go viral”.

    The truth of the matter is, our content could go viral and serve no one, and yet reach one eye and save the world. You just never know, that one eye is the person that delivers the message even better than you can.

    So yes, I agree with the author here about writing for your audience and not necessarily want the “shine” of viral. I agree too that when we write with love for our audience, viral will take care of itself.

    Thank your for a good topic for thought…

  • Shyxter

    Great post, Onibalusi! Thank you for sharing this. I particularly like the portion about Making Use of Ideas as they Come. A writer should welcome every idea that comes to mind and be able maximize it. Not all creative juices are as good as the other but we never know what other ideas can spring out of a simple, seemingly useless thought. As writers, we should always be ready to accept the fact that not all our writings will become best-sellers; and that a successful writer doesn’t become one overnight. Like any other aspect in life, there will always be rejections and frustrations in writing before getting that big break. Success in writing is not easy to achieve; but if you are patient and driven enough to always move forward no matter what, the fruits of your labor will give you long-term rewards.

  • Joe

    Jotting down ideas as they come to my mind has actually proved as a good way of making writing an easy thing for me to do. At times, when I start jotting, before I know it, I have written more than 500 words. I actually agree with you.

  • Nick

    Yeah, I’m guilty of how I used to think every post could go viral. A few months full-time blogging will change that. I think it’s also dependent on the niche you write on, something like social media marketing may be easier than motorcycle mods. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, just might have to work a bit harder for it.

    I need to spend some time doing more in-depth “killer articles.” You inspired me for my Monday post…something like 25 dating mistakes I’ve learned over the last 5 years. I’m excited, thanks 🙂

  • Smith

    Hey Oni, I’m a regular reader reader of your blog. Good post as always. Thank you!

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