March Roundup


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Below you will find the most popular posts of March 2007, check them out if you missed any. Also I am starting to realize that the Monthly Roundups are a stretch due to the large number of posts, maybe I will try Weekly Roundups on April.

  • Bloggers Face-Off – Darren Rowse vs. Jeremy Shoemoney: Bloggers Face-Off will be a weekly feature over Daily Blog Tips, where 2 famous bloggers will answer to some quick questions, and the results will be presented side by side.
  • Bloggers Face-Off – John Chow vs. Matt Coddington: This edition of the Bloggers Face-Off will feature two bloggers that help people make money online. The first one is the personification of evil itself, also known as the Dot Com Mogul, John Chow. The second one, Matt Coddington, started blogging only a couple of months ago but he is already gaining a lot of popularity in his niche.
  • 7 Reasons to Quit your Job: Below you will find 7 reasons that motivated me to take quit my job. I had already wrote about those factors on another blog, but I decided to publish it on Daily Blog Tips as well because there are probably many bloggers on the same situation that I was, check it out.
  • The Paradox of Choice: In economics there is a theory called “The Paradox of Choice”. It states that increasing the number of choices will improve the user experience, but only ultil a certain point. After that point the added choices will not only be indifferent to the user, but they might also become counterproductive.
  • 12 Do’s and Dont’s of Copyright Law: The problem is that the vast majority of people do not have a clear understanding of the Copyright Law, which might result in illegal and costly mistakes. Below you will find 12 Do’s and Dont’s that will clarify what you can and what you can not do as an online publisher.
  • Do you display your feed count?: In my opinion even if readers get initially motivated to subscribe if they see a big subscriber base on the long run they will remain subscribed only if the content is worth, so the equation remains intact.
  • Speed Up Your Site: Use a slash on your links: When a server opens a link in the form of “” it will need to figure what kind of file or webpage is contained on that address, wasting time on the process.
  • Blog Project – Blogging Mistakes: That is the spirit of this blog project. I am pretty sure every blogger committed at least one mistake, whether it was related to the site design, to the domain name, to promotion techniques or search engine optimization. The important thing is to learn from them.
  • 7 Ways to Promote your Blog with a Bit of Money: Below you will find 7 ways to promote your website or blog with a bit of money. You can use them to generate raw traffic, improve your search engine rankings, gain visibility on your niche and so on. Despite the initial investment most of those techniques will pay off on the short to medium term.

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  • Manta SEO Solutions

    Daniel, I agree with Eli. You write very informative, always helpful posts.

    You have a great blog and a good number of visitors who regularly post comments. A Sure sign that you’re doing things right.

    Keep it going !

  • Daniel

    Eli, thanks for the nice words. I am glad the posts are useful, most of them are stuff I did right or wrong on the past hehe.

    Your blog is looking good also, keep it up.

  • Eli

    All were great posts. I love the quality of the content on this website, and everything is so useful 🙂

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