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Rarely I download an eBook and read it straight to the end. This happened with Brian Clark’s latest report about making money online, which is titled “Teaching Sells.”

The ideas contained in the 22 pages are surprisingly solid and knit together. Do you think that giving your content away for free while charging for advertising space is the best model? Maybe not. Here is a quotation:

If you’re blogging or otherwise creating content online in the hopes of making money, there’s a good chance you’re following a fairly complicated and time-consuming strategy. You’ve got to publish every day and attract lots of links, so that after a year or so, the Google Gods will bless you with plenty of long-tail search results that will bring you traffic.

Once that happens, you’ll have to keep blogging for another year, and hope to build page views, so that you can make money from AdSense or some other form of advertising. The money is pretty meager, but if you work hard, maybe one day it will add up to enough–if you just keep at it and never ever quit producing more and more free content. Or you could simply create content once and sell it over and over.

While I think that the “free content-paid advertising” model still works on some situations, the strategy illustrated in the report can be equally, if not more, efficient. Anyway I am pretty sure you will get some good insights out of it, here is the link to the report (referral link).

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11 Responses to “Making Money Online Report: Teaching Sells”

  • hikaye

    Meager income? That guy calls $20,000 a month meager :O

  • Webhost Guide Blog

    There are many people who earn a lot of money by first giving free content. When the world accepts the idea, the creator or content provider will now begin to accept speaking appearances and consultation. I still believe that giving away free content is the best way to go if you want to promote yourself as a resource person.

  • iskandar

    This ebook has shifted the way I think about making money online.

    Now I am no longer thinking about creating more sites or content – I’m thinking of how to package my content creatively so that I can make money from it.


  • Ruchir

    Meager income? That guy calls $20,000 a month meager :O

  • Courtney TURTLE

    I keep Brian in the sidebar of my blog for easy access as one of 8 Trusted Bloggers. CopyBlogger should be required reading for anyone trying to make money online.

  • Daniel

    Yeah, beyond ebooks I think there are many different models yet to be explored.

  • Ben Evert

    Browsed the report and I have been thinking about making a downloadable book for sale for about a year. Just haven’t found the time to compose it and fiqure out the logistics of selling it. It is definitely a future project.

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