Lower Google Rankings Might Increase The CTR?


Yep, you’ve read that right (and yep, I haven’t done a mistake in the title). Surprising as it sounds, the Chitika blog recently published a research suggesting that the lower your Google rankings the higher the CTR you’ll see on your ads.


Here’s the link to the article: Google Results, Positioning, and CTR: Not What You’d Expect.

If you think about it, though, there’s some logic there. People clicking the lower results listed by Google are probably clicking on all or most of them (i.e, they are trying harder to find the information in question). That’s why they are also more likely to click on ads (i.e., they are on “click” mode).

Does that mean that you should aim to get your site on those lower results, though? I don’t think so. Even if the higher spots will have a lower CTR they will have a much higher traffic, so the overall earnings will be much higher as well.

The Chitika blog, though, affirms that even taking traffic into consideration things might not be as clear. For example, they say that if the cost (either in terms of money or time invested, or both) to reach the 2nd spot is 50% of what you would need for the 1st spot your ROI would be superior going for the 2nd spot.

I am not quite convinced, but it’s an interesting discussion.

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13 Responses to “Lower Google Rankings Might Increase The CTR?”

  • Jerrick

    I get higher CTR with top Google Result.
    Because i get higher traffic and higher search rank, so i able to get high CTR. Maybe good rank bring higher trust to reader.
    If i do not have good Google Result, that even worst which i do not have traffic.
    If we would like to have higher CTR, make sure website content do have good content and power call to action to get higher CTR.

  • Lionel Bachmann

    I don’t quite buy it. The only way I can see someone not finding what they are searching for is if they are using some obscure search query, in which case there wouldn’t be much traffic from said query in the first place, even if your CTR is higher. Taking any random sample of searches, the better the ranking the higher the CTR, unless you are ranked 10th, which gets better CTR than 8th or 9th, only because it’s the last effort at finding what you are searching for before clicking to the next page.

  • sokun

    Great post, i’m just a little afraid lower google rankings will reflect as poor content. I think i’ll just stick with good content and whatever clicks i get.

  • rakesh kumar

    This is really an interesting debate, how it can increase our CTR , I am doubtful. Page rank is different, According to me if your page rank is high it means your CTR will also boost your blog.

  • Nishadha

    I highly doubt this is true. Maybe this is the case with Chitika ads but if you know how to monetize your website properly then higher rankings will always bring higher revenue.

  • Paul Salmon

    I don’t monitor my stats that closely where I can correlate my ranking position and my ad click. I’d rather have a lower CTR but more visitors than a better CTR. With more visitors (better ranking position) and a lower CTR, I’d probably have more clicks anyway.

  • Eddie Gear

    That is sick dude. May be it works that way only for Chikita ads. I’ve been using Google adsense and the higher the PR the better are the CTR. its a boost your revenue.

  • Innes Donaldson

    This is an interesting way to be looking at things. The graph does speak for itself however and to say the least this has caught me by surprise!

  • Stylo

    in the last couple of weeks i’m also watching my CTR. My Blog Page Rank went down.

  • Harrison Li

    Well, that’s something interesting, I believe searchers have a lower “thinking” of taking actions when it’s higher in the search results.

    It’d be cool if this can raise affiliate sales!

  • Techmaker

    Oh… really… I don’t have much idea on the relationship of Google page rank and CTR. But the thing is all the people are like to have a good rank to appear their sites 1st page of SERP. According to my knowledge even though you have a low CTR if you have enough number of clicks you can earn a lot.

  • Grant Hughes

    Definitely some eye opening research by Chikita. Every bit of information can help and I could see where this kind of information would come in handy in certain circumstances.

  • Alan Tay

    Well, I don’t have a high ranking/traffic site but CTR is still low. The article is not really convincing. It might only apply to certain type of sites. I will still go for high ranking/traffic for the best in ads performance and not to sacrifice the good ranking.

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