Link Tips: 16 December 2007


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Some of the new readers were confused with the “Reader Tips” name, so I changed this category to “Link Tips,” which should be more descriptive. It will still be published every Sunday as usual.

  • 50 Best WordPress Plugins: Quick Online Tips published an extensive list with 50 WordPress plugins for power bloggers.
  • Monetization: Making money with your blog without hurting the user experience is always a tricky task. Steven has some great insights on the topic.
  • The Art of Domaining: If you want to know more about domain names check out this article which features the thoughts and tips from some expert domainers.
  • Mind Mapping for Bloggers: This technique has been used far and wide in the business world. Now Darren is illustrating how you could use on your blog as well.

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7 Responses to “Link Tips: 16 December 2007”

  • gl hoffman

    A quick question: what am I doing wrong? I posted a lenthy post, very content-rich on 100 Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs, and then I volunteered to donate $1 for every link, or every story, to charity. I am not getting many takers…
    Here is the original 100:

  • The Net Analyst

    Great stuff! It was worth giving you a thumbs up on Stumble so I hope to send you some traffic! The monetization link has some great advice for earning revenue from your blog or webpage without alienating visitors.

    Once again, I am in your debt and I can honestly say that my website would have failed months ago without your advice!

  • Darren

    thanks Daniel

  • Steven

    Thanks for the link Daniel. It’s appreciated. I think there is some valuable insight in the comments of that post from readers as well.

  • Daniel

    Yeah it is a good addition to any blog where there is a minimum level of interaction from the readers.

  • marco

    just my 2 cent: “Subscribe To Comments” Plugin (available from 50 best…) is a Must-Have to make sure that visitors keep following up discussions on post IMHO.

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