Link Tips: 03 February 2008


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This Sunday we have some Photoshop and WordPress tutorials, a Digg-like WordPress theme, two interesting SEO contests and an article about attracting loyal readers. Enjoy!

  • 100 Photoshop Tutorials: If you use Photoshop to draw images, comics and other type of art, you should check out this list.
  • The Digg Theme: Garry Conn created a WordPress theme based on the Digg look. It comes with several Adsense units integrated, so you could use it to make money from niche websites.
  • SEO Contests: If you are trying to learn or improve your SEO skills, you could participate on some contests. SEO Noobs will reveal a keyword that competitors need to rank well for within a period of time (with their own websites), while Maki Karthik is giving $250 for people that will manage to improve the ranking of keywords within one of his sites.
  • WordPress Tutorials: Brian Gardner and Cory Miller just launched their new website focused on Premium themes. Apart from the themes, they also created a useful collection of WordPress tutorials, check it out.
  • Attracting Loyal Readers: Some basic yet useful points on how to attract more “subscribers and heavy users.”

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5 Responses to “Link Tips: 03 February 2008”

  • vektordamn

    hey…i learning so much about blogging from your blog …thx
    if there’s who wants some vectors visit my blog..

  • Adam

    Great stuff 🙂 thanks for the linkage…!

  • Amanda

    I suck at photoshop I was a fan of paint shop pro but the fact that the ones i like are the old versions and aren’t compatible with vista.. it kinda sucked so the tips were really worth it

  • Ryan

    Hey thanks for the plug, my friend!

    I can’t wait to kick this contest off!

    Take care and all the best as usual – Ryan

  • MyEggNoodles

    Great list! I like the 100 photoshop tutorials 🙂

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