Lack of Ideas? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!


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This is a guest post by Alan Johnson, the author of The Online Business Handbook.

One of the most common things bloggers complain about is their lack of ideas. You hear all about how excited they were during their first week as bloggers, only to realize that things stand quite a bit differently once they start losing momentum.

Is that the case as far as you are concerned, are you using lack of ideas as an excuse? Well, guess what: there is no such thing! Show me one person who says that he or she doesn’t have great ideas and I’ll show you a misguided individual.

Symptom, Not Disease

Most folks see the fact that they seem to be running out of ideas as a disease, but that is definitely not the case. Yes, it may seem that you are having trouble being creative, but that’s not a disease, it is a symptom which came as a result of the actual disease: an ineffective approach when it comes to managing your ideas.

If you think that you can just stare at a blank piece of paper or at a blank computer screen and simply give the command “I want a great idea now” then you are in for quite an unpleasant reality check. That’s not the way we humans are built, we are not machines.

You may, at a certain point, have more than a few excellent ideas worth implementing, only to find yourself in a less than creative mood a few hours later. That being stated, managing them accordingly is definitely a must if you are serious about avoiding potentially unpleasant situations.

Be Prepared, Write in Advance

Don’t let great ideas go to waste, take advantage of them. Having a great idea, not writing it down and forgetting about it is just plain foolish. From pen and paper to all sorts of complicated gadgets, you have more than a few tools at your disposal to help you maximize results when it comes to managing ideas.

Whenever you have what you consider to be an idea with potential, write it down somewhere. No matter how great your memory is, you will, without a doubt, end up forgetting about more than a few of them if you don’t develop this habit.

Also, act accordingly when you feel creative. As a blogger, writing articles in advance is one of the healthiest habits you could possibly have. There will be times when you will see your personal productivity level skyrocket, just as there will be times when it will seem that you can?t get anything done.

Maximize results when feeling creative in order to be prepared for the times when things will stand differently. If you choose to take things one day at a time, you will definitely be facing quite a few unpleasant issues and end up seeing writing as a chore. You should never let something like that happen, that?s not what blogging is all about.

Prevent, Don’t Wait for The Symptoms

As I’m sure you have realized by now, lack of ideas is nothing more than a fake problem bloggers end up using as an excuse. If you manage your ideas accordingly and try your best in order to make sure that the good ones don’t go to waste, you will definitely look back and laugh when thinking about how you used to complain about the fact that you are not able to come up with anything worthwhile.

Be prepared for when you have great ideas, write your articles in advance, do whatever you can in order to avoid this symptom. Are you still living in denial or are you ready to take action?

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14 Responses to “Lack of Ideas? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!”

  • Owain

    I make lists of posts and ideas for new articles at the start of every week. Just write down all the ideas of interesting things you might want to write about. That way when you go to start writing you already know exactly what you should be working on. Finding that initial idea is always the hardest part.

  • SEO Genius

    This is something i have struggled with from time to time, you just need to sit it out sometimes and definitely as Daniel states be prepared organise your self and ensure you have enough articles already written to cover a week or two just incase.

  • Katherine

    This definitely sounds similar to “writer’s block” – both myths in my option. The other day I felt blank about what to write in my blog and I came up with something that ended up being pretty decent. If you really look, you can turn almost everything into a post related to your topic. The other day, I wrote an internet marketing related post about the Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox!

  • Jennifer (Et Tu?)

    I’m so glad to hear someone saying this! It’s been my experience as well that there are a lot more solutions out there for writer’s block than people imagine.

    One thing I did that opened up a floodgate of bloggable ideas (and traffic to my site) is to make a list of things of things that I’ve learned in the past 10 years related to the topic of my blog, *including* those ideas that seem “too obvious to post about” (that last part is key). I started writing posts about things I had learned that seemed to me to be as obvious as saying the sky is blue…yet those turned out to be some of my most popular posts! Now that I think about it, it makes sense — if it’s something I didn’t know at some point in my life, there must be other people out there who currently don’t know about it as well.

    Now that I’ve silenced that voice in my head that says “that one’s too obvious” when I write down post ideas, I’ve found that my problem now is organizing my ideas list because it’s so long.

    Thanks for a great post.

  • Lance Winslow

    Indeed, I find it interesting that folks run out of ideas, so here is where I get my ideas on things to write about:

  • Kurt
  • Abhijeet from Jeet Blog

    It is true that ideas can come anytime and you need to preserve it at that very time. Not spamming, but I wrote two posts which talk about how to get new ideas and once you get, how to preserve them.
    Considering the context of this post, readers might find these 2 posts useful:-

    1: Getting New Ideas Everyday? …Learn To Manage Them

    2: Innovative Ways To Get Post Ideas When you Face Writer’s Block

  • Voice Of Dingchao

    I totally agree with you. I felt I had no things to write after my 200 articles. This is a cruel thing for me. I feel that I have written all the things worth writing, but I know the truth is not. So I am still thinking what other things I can write.

    Then I find keep thinking every minute is a good way to create ideas. I always trying my best to think about the lives we are living and how can we change them and make them be better. I think I will have a lot of things to write about that.

  • David

    Alan, as you mention, it has happened to me many times that I come up with a good idea and I say to myself… YES, that’s what I will write about tonight… However, when I get home, I do not remember what the great ideas was. Now I got into the habit of recording it in my mobile phone.

  • Badang

    I am having that disease errr… symptom right now. It seems like all that I wanted to write about had finished and now I become increasingly worried that my blog going stale.

    I organize using my PDA phone mainly and most ideas that I jotted down don’t seem to fit my audience.

    Need to go get some fresh air 🙂

  • Genuine

    What I find most interesting is that you sometimes can’t tell what will become a really popular post. Sometimes I’ve posted what I think is a fairly run-of-the-mill post, nothing special, but it gets 10 comments. Something sparked the reader’s interest.

    Thanks to you and some other bloggers, I’ve learned quickly that I should ‘blog ahead’ when I am inspired. This alone has saved me a lot of grief–and my readers a lot of boring posts!–when I’m just not feeling inspired.

  • Siddharth

    Points noted Alan. The best ideas normally strike us in strange conditions. Mostly with me when I am driving, I then have to forget about it for a moment to drive carefully and when I return back to work I forgot most of them. Organising ideas is not so hard but one have to do this regularly so that’s become a habit.

    No kidding anyone!

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