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It is my last day on the northern part of Brazil, and it is raining cats and dogs…. The positive side is that tomorrow I will be back working on my Linux machine with the 22′ monitor. The laptop gets the job done while traveling, but I sure miss my desktop.

Anyway, below you will find the most popular articles of the past month; check them out if you missed any.

  • The Pros and Cons of Working from Home on the Internet: Almost two years passed since I quit my job inside a multinational company to work from home on the Internet. For me it was pretty a straight forward move. One year inside a corporation was enough to clarify what I wanted to do professionally, and working for someone else was definitely not part of it.
  • Did You Buy YourName.com Already?: All right let’s put this straight: if you read Daily Blog Tips regularly, there are good chances that one day you will become a web celebrity. If that is the case, you should register YourName.com before someone else does.
  • My Top Commentators WordPress Plugin: I am glad to release the third WordPress plugin by Daily Blog Tips. My Top Commentators is a plugin that allows a blogger to discover who are the most active commentators on his blog (via the WordPress Dashboard, so other people will not see this information).
  • 3 Simple Secrets to Reducing Your Blogging Stress: Thoughts, creativity, and writing should flow freely and without tension. As I was writing an article a few months ago I noticed the strain in my stomach, neck, and jaw. I was straining to get the thoughts out. As if tensing my muscles would actually help me focus or even create something helpful to my readers.
  • The Bloggers Union (or Association): Should we create a bloggers union? This idea was floating on my head, so I decided to share with everyone.
  • The Bloggers Glossary: If you think there is a term missing just let me know and I will update the glossary.
  • Take One Day Off Every Week: Yesterday I took the whole day off line (we had a guest post indeed). Now that I think about it, it was the first one in a really long time. Sure I don’t work full time on weekends, but I was getting used to working half a day on Saturdays and Sundays.

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12 Responses to “June 2008 Most Popular Articles”

  • medyum

    This is good idea to have additional post on blog.
    Thank you.

  • Moise

    Bloggers Union is a good idea …….we might even go on strike …. or decide to join a cause to free someone in trouble …….
    I can imagine the case of Ingrid Betancourt ; I posted a picture of her on my blog and got a few mails thanking me. Imagine if 10,000 bloggers did that a few years ago ……

    A union is a good idea 🙂

    by the way, did you hear that Mc Cain said that he “hates bloggers” ?

  • Michael Aulia

    I usually post my traffic stats every end of the month, but this is cool too as not every one of your reader has seen all of your posts

  • The Blogger Tips

    This is good idea to have additional post on blog. thks

  • Jayapritha

    I too working from home.Being a home maker I enjoy working from home.Definitely we should relax ourselves by taking one day off .This both post(points) make me feel happy.

  • Mehdi Boutorabi

    Useful …

  • Blackhat Boot Camp Blog

    3 Simple Secrets

    Who could pass up that title?



  • Melvin

    Hehehe… i think the blogging idol should be there also….

  • Blog Marketing Journal

    These posts are certainly worth a read (or two). We particularly like the working from home – the pros and cons as we are familiar with all of them… as well as buying up your own domain name. We’ve now put that on our to-do list. Great compilation of posts!

  • David Hobson

    All 6 are well worth a second read.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Medical Transcriptionist, they are ordered from oldest to newest, and not by page views.

    For creating those “Most Popular” posts I gather the 7 or 8 most viewed posts, and arrange them from the oldest one on top, cause that is the one people probably already forgot about 🙂 .

  • Medical Transcriptionist

    I thought “The Bloggers Glossary” would be the number one post competing with “pros and cons” but it got only sixth slot?

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