June 2007: Most Popular Posts


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  • Internet Statistics: Ever wondered what is the most used screen resolution around the Internet? What about operating systems and web browsers? W3Counter is a web analytics company that collects and releases this data. The reports are released every 10 days, below you will find the numbers from latest one.
  • 11 Principles to Design a Great WordPress Theme: After a couple weeks of reviewing WordPress themes (and countless weeks prior judging designs in general) I have established the following guidelines for creating an awesome WordPress theme. At the very least, following these guidelines will get a stamp of approval from picky designers.
  • Collection of Robots.txt Files: There is plenty of advice around the Internet for the creation of such files (if you are looking for an introduction on this topic read “Creat a robots.txt file“), but what if instead of looking at what people say we could look at what people do? That is what I did, collecting the robots.txt files from a wide range of blogs and websites. Below you will find them.
  • Bloggers Face-Off: Wendy Piersall vs. Jennifer Laycock: Maybe it is the sex appeal, maybe it is the gentleness, but fact is that we still have to see a woman losing a “Bloggers Face-Off” (Mike had a tie with Liz, Juergen lost to Anita and Jeremy lost to Nandini). Last week Jennifer did lose, but she was featured together with her husband Dan, so I guess we know whose fault is that…
  • Should We Remove the Timestamp?: Throughout all my blogs I already position the dates below the posts, as opposed to leaving them right after the headline, which might discourage some readers from reading the older posts. But would it make sense to remove the timestamp altogether?
  • Opinion Blogs vs Discussion Blogs: Many blogs out there can be split into two categories: Opinion and Discussion. Each has its own benefits, and there are obviously hybrid versions as well. While it seems obvious at the surface, I think there’s a wealth of insight to be gained by taking a closer look at the differences.
  • Interview with Lorelle VanFossen: Being the famous blogger she is, Lorelle needs no presentation. I will leave you straight with her answers, check it out!
  • Renew Your Domain for Longer Periods: I had heard many comments around the SEO sphere mentioning that Google and other search engines were monitoring the expiration date of domains in order to evaluate the legitimacy of the websites. Then, a couple of days ago, I came across the following quotation from a patent that Google filled some years ago.

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