January 2008 Most Popular Posts


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Below you will find the most popular posts for this month, check them out if you missed any.

  • Do Small Bloggers Have A Chance With Digg?: I visit Digg on a regular basis to vote on stories that I like as well as to find new and interesting information. A few days ago I was reading through the items that were currently listed on the front page of the technology section, and was observing the rich getting richer and smaller bloggers having a difficult time cracking the upper echelon of Digg success.
  • 11 Essential Tips to Writing the Ultimate Tutorial: Tutorials are a great source of traffic that is maintained over time. Regular blog posts bring in the majority of their visitors during the first couple days of their existence. Afterwards they might as well be deleted from your blog because they will most likely rot in the archives, never to be read again. Tutorials on the other hand, provide consistent traffic that will bring in more traffic over its life time than many of your other posts. It is not a stretch to say that a good tutorial can bring in as much traffic (or more) compared to 20 well written posts.
  • Separate Trackbacks from Comments on Your WordPress Blog: I wonder why WordPress theme designers don’t implement this feature more often. Separating trackbacks from comments is a very simple tweak that will greatly improve the user experience for the people that comment or read comments on your blog. If you keep them together (as I used to until recently…) the readers will see a bunch of links and snippets of code mixed with the real comments, making it difficult to follow the conversation.
  • Poll: Will Most Blogs Migrate to Excerpts on the Homepage?: Full posts on the homepage enables the readers to go through the most recent articles without needing to click further. Excerpts, on the other hand, makes it possible to scan through a larger number of posts, so that the reader can read only what he is really interested in.
  • Google PR Update: Here We Go Again!: Keep in mind there is nothing confirmed, but several people started to notice changes both in PageRank and backlinks count numbers.
  • 10 Simple Productivity Tips for Bloggers: Luckily for us, productivity isn’t complicated: it’s mainly based in common sense. The tough part is in being dedicated enough to change our bad habits and be productive, rather than simply reading about it. This post provides ten simple tips to help you start.
  • GreenTech WordPress Theme Released: This is the second official Daily Blog Tips free WordPress theme. GreenTech is a 2-column, highly customizable theme. It comes with a cream colored background, and details in brown and green.
  • 3 Must Apply Security Tips for WordPress: Today I was reading through my RSS feeds and I came across a very interesting post from Matt Cutts. Basically he was describing 3 (plus a bonus) tips to secure your WordPress install. I was already using two of them, but the first one was new to me, and looks like it is the most effective one as well.

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  • improve blog

    I really liked the second blog:

    11 Essential Tips to Writing the Ultimate Tutorial

    Thanks, for the helpful information

  • Chetan

    Love the separation of comments from trackbacks in blogs.. Good posts overall 🙂

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the suggestion, I noted it down.

  • the constant skeptic

    maybe if you would post something about ron paul then that would be the most popular post…. jk actually I really found the security tips post useful, thanks.

    maybe for next month post about the best ajax comments widget for wordpress blogs…. my vote is for intensedebate.com


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