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This is a guest post by Andy Walton. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

You’ve authored original blog content, perfected your SEO and written dozens of guest posts. Your blog is getting decent traffic, but is it generating subscribers or advert clicks? Welcome to the profitable world of conversion optimization.

Let’s assume your newsletter gets 1 new subscriber for every 100 readers to your blog. To double the number of new followers you either need to increase your traffic 2-fold, or bump that conversion rate up from 1% to 2%. Now think about how much effort you’ve spent on growing your readership, compared to the amount of time you spent designing the sign-up form.

If the ratio is massively skewed towards traffic that’s understandable – but an inefficient use of your time. There’s a high probability you could increase your conversion rate with a few simple tests. Let’s work through an example of how this could work for you.

So what is A/B testing?

Spend a few minutes looking at your sign-up form and thinking about how you could change it. Maybe you could alter the title, the layout, the wording on the button, the wording of the call to action. Basically you could change as little or as much as you like.

The result is you’ll now have 2 versions of the form – the original that is live on your site, and your new offline version.

To test the new version, you could just upload it and replace the original. Then measure the new results for perhaps a week. However, how can you guarantee the traffic the new version receives is of the same quality as previously? You have no real control over any spikes in traffic your site may receive, and different sources of traffic may have different conversion rates.

Here’s where A/B testing comes in… you basically put both version live at once, and serve the original to half of your traffic and the new version to the other half. This removes the problem of traffic, as they are now both live under the same conditions.

Then you measure which of the versions performed best, and stick with that one. It’s as simple as that – just as solid way of comparing 2 solutions and picking the best performing one.

Once you get the bug you’ll probably think of another change, and start another A/B test. Before you know it, you’ll be evolving your site in a constant survival of the fittest. Throw away the weak designs and keep the strongest.

You’ll be amazed how small incremental improvements at each stage can make a huge difference to your conversion rate and ultimately profit.

Free A/B testing tool

Hopefully you’re thinking this all sounds like a no-brainer. But you’re probably also thinking that it is going to need all sort of programming and statistical skills. Well, in that case may I introduce you to a free tool called Google Website Optimizer, which provides all the functionality and reporting you need along with written and video guides.

Give it a go today, and you could be a good few percent wealthier.

About the Author: Andy Walton is a co-founder of Wikinut, a new publishing platform that pays lifetime royalties for your writing on a massive range of topics. Use promo code “5more” when joining today, and get an extra 5% in royalties.

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11 Responses to “Improve Your Conversion With A/B Testing”

  • Rex Dixon

    While there are many tips on A/B testing your blog lately, don’t forget to check out sites like Performable and A/B Tests.

  • Elizabeth

    A/B testing is a must in marketing. Whether it be forms or landing pages or email content, continuous testing of these things will bring better understanding of what works for your audience, thus yielding better results.

  • Justin @ PickFu

    If you want to just quickly a/b test a new logo or ad copy, you can use something like PickFu. 50 quick responses for $5.

  • Betty

    Thanks for the tip. I am experimenting. I will see how it goes. I will see what works and what does not work.

  • Jarrod @ Optimistic Journey

    This is great food for thought. There’s power in constantly testing. People who are constantly testing and finding out what works best for their blogs and their readers are the ones whose blogs are growing to the greatest extent. I may have to consider optimizing, and shooting for a higher conversion rate for my site. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Julius

    While you are focusing on the version that gets more traffic, you may want to also check if it has parts which you still can improve such as its readability and its accessibility.

  • pravakar

    A/B testing plays important roles in PPC factor, it compares between two pages, it helps to analyze the customer value.

  • SmashinGeeks

    A/B testing tool, heard first time. Looks Like New to me.

  • Asif

    Thanks for the information, I have shared it with my readers too.
    thanks once again.

  • Ishan

    A/B testing is something I could use. However, one thing that has always stopped me is that there’s no way to use it with WordPress easily(or I don’t know it!)

    Is there a plugin for WP with which Google Website optimizer can be easily implemented?

  • Samuel

    Umm…nice one! Thanks

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