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Usually I write down on a notebook all the ideas that I have for future posts and articles. Sometime ago, I started to realize that a great part of these ideas were about technology and web development, and they were not exclusively (nor necessarily) related to blogging.

That is when I decided to create another website covering these topics. Three weeks ago I cashed $1,200 for a cool domain name (ouch, I know!), and since then I have been working on the setup of the site.

Everything is in place now, I am starting to work on the content. While I will be writing there actively, I don’t have expertise in all the topics that I want to cover, that is why I am looking for staff writers to complete the team. Here is a list of the topics that the site will cover:

  • Software
  • Web Design
  • Web 2.0
  • Programming
  • Media
  • Search Engines
  • Social Networks
  • Online Marketing
  • Open Source

If you have expertise on any of these topics and would like to join our team, just send me an email via the Contact Form and I will get back to you promptly (this is a paid position).

For the curious readers that just want to check the new website, I should be launching it within one week. Stay tuned!

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9 Responses to “I Am Looking for Tech and Web Development Writers”

  • medyum

    Good luck with the new site, Daniel


  • Marcos

    If the new website has content of a quality similar to this one, take the success for granted.

    If you need a writer about the PDA and smartphone world, you can count with me, I don’t worry writing in english.

  • Dj Flush

    I may be interested to be a part of the writers team 🙂 though not sure

    Anyways good luck to you

  • Rajab

    Good luck with the new site, Daniel 😉

  • Daniel

    It depends on the quality and reliability of the material. I can send complete details by email.

  • Clement

    How much do you pay per post?

  • redwall_hp

    No thanks, I have my own blog empire to build. 😈

  • Daniel

    Thanks Michael, I am replying to all the emails I got (6 already…) with complete details about the gig.

  • Michael Sync

    Thanks.. it’s really good news…. but I would like to get more information about this.. I have sent a email to you..

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