How Well Do You Know Your Niche?


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All of us bloggers claim to know our niche perfectly well. To the extent we feel proud of it, even slightly offended if someone tells us what to try in order to familiarize with it better.

Sure, who wouldn’t? I mean after all it is kinda our job; to know the readers, to recognize their needs, to understand the lingo, to master the technique of copywriting and content creating within the frame of our own niche.

I never gave it a second thought on this subject before, and to be quite frank, always avoided reading about things related to this matter.

I know my own niche better than anyone out there. – That’s what I’ve thought. And this mindset only hindered with my growth in blogging, but I was ignorant to notice it.

Now thinking about it, I came up with 5 things which ensure that you know your niche perfectly well, as well as help you furthermore in establishing yourself as an authority within it.

1. The guest blogging demand

I guess you never thought about this one the way I’m about to reveal it to you. Here you indeed have a great opportunity to make sure that you are the master of your niche, just by asking yourself couple of questions.

Like for starters, do you know even without performing a Google search, which are the sites within your own niche that accept guest posts?

Or try this one:

Can you honestly say that you can go writing a post without asking for some guidelines from the site’s owner, without looking at the site’s most popular articles in order to see in which way they were tailored, without having to send your idea for review first? You think you can get that guest blogging gig without any of this?

Well, if not, then you still have much to learn about your niche.

2. Keywords — the most used word in the blogging world.

It’s better to go the easy way right? Buy some keyword generator software out there, spent a minute, or even a minute and a half, get an idea of all the keywords you can put into a post.

I mean, why not? Many others are doing it. Why should you have to do things the hard way?

Tell you what I think – forget about keyword generator software.

If you want to be able to stay in your niche as one of the top dogs, then better start acting like you mean it.

Why not learn what keywords are used the most? Why not analyze the long tail of some of the most popular keywords in order to benefit from it? Why not read materials within the frame of your own niche just to get a grasp of all the phrase variations, all the lingo? Why not?

The thing is, if you become good in this, you can go writing faster and even master the keyword SEO aspect when writing some filler material. You will also be able to write guest posts way faster, and they will look way more appealing.

It’s a no-brainer really.

3. Know the need, and recognize it everywhere. Know the readers too.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to your readers, as to know them better. After all, you write for them and for them only. If you don’t know their need, how on Earth will you be able to answer it?

Ask yourself what they love reading about; what kind of article structure makes them scroll down till the end of the page. Should you go with a list post, maybe bigger paragraphs, pictures, then what kind of pictures…

This will help you a lot.

Knowing the need is also knowing the trends, the stuff that trill them, the stuff that make them laugh. In fact it’s knowing the visitor’s profile if you ask me.

Understanding who might be your reader, will give you a better understanding of his needs, his personality, and mood in general.

If you are thinking about succeeding in blogging then you better start learning about your visitors, your potential visitors too.

That way you will know that you are an expert within your own niche.

4. Keep a close eye on your tone.

If you ask me, every blogger out there must have a slightly different style and approach. I aim towards being unique in order to distance myself from the crowd and make a recognizable face when people start reading my content. So far I hope I’m succeeding.

Anyway, despite trying to be one of a kind, you must know the tone in which most bloggers in your niche write to their readers. At least that’s how I developed my own style of writing.

Why I say that you must pay a lot of attention?

It’s simple actually. Readers in the make money blogging niche may have different expectations from you than let’s say readers in the personal development niche.

If you would check my site where I write about how to develop a healthy lifestyle, you will see that my tone there is quite different.

That is due to the different mindset in which I try to be while thinking about the things I write, as well as due to the different reading material I passed in order to develop my tone.

Similar to this, you will notice that my articles here are slightly more direct, not leaving any space for interpretation.

You will notice this for yourself too, if you haven’t already.

Follow my example and limit yourself to reading only people that you want to sound like, without copying their tone.

To develop my tone in writing about blogging I read constantly, Daniel, Glen Allsopp, Darren Rowse, etc.

In contrast to that I was reading Leo Babauta, Ali Luke, and other bloggers, who are writing for a slightly different audience. (Except that Ali is like a chameleon – she can transform her writing in order to suit any niche out there, so you can learn a great deal from her regarding this one)

Know the style, and you will know the niche. That simple.

5. Who is who?

You cannot expect to know your niche if you don’t know the key players, the godfathers of the niche, the teams that already made friends and are close to each other.

You cannot know your niche well enough if you are biased and fail to recognize who is who. You should know where your potential readers are gathering, and you can achieve this only by knowing the top dogs in the field.

Failing to see them, you will be unable to see who else is within your niche, unable to hang around and learn from the comment sections there, unable to build those strong connections, as well as notice and scout the startups that are promising and likely to stay. Knowing this, you can go a long way when trying to establish yourself as an authority.

So after reading this text, are you still 100% sure that you know your niche well enough? Or you have to learn a lot more anyway. There is no shame in admitting- I myself admit it. I still have a lot to learn, and plan to. So if you are the same like me, then you better start by making sure you can give a positive answer to all of the questions above.

Being master within your own niche is realizing that you still have a lot to learn.

Slavko Desik is an editor an writer at Lifestyle Updated where he try to combine the knowledge for blogging and internet marketing with his passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

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12 Responses to “How Well Do You Know Your Niche?”

  • Laura Briere

    Wonderful points, Slavko! Your advice on keyword research really resonated with me. It’s so true: you should be doing research beyond just knowing what your keywords are. WHY are they your keywords? How do your readers use them in context? How can you vary your keyword phrases so you don’t sound like a robot writing for the search engines? The deeper your research here, the more “human” and “real” you become to your readers. Thanks for the great post!

  • Slavko Desik

    @Bojan It certainly helped me a lot, and I’m on the very beginning when compared to the big league.

  • Slavko Desik

    @Meka The product and the way it sells is just a culmination of the things above.

  • Slavko Desik

    Thanks Simon, and you are welcome.
    Positioning yourself appropriately from the start is very important. Not only it leaves a certain impression in readers eyes, but it also plays a big part in forming your own voice, and your own tone- things that will mark your brand and name as you evolve through the online world.

    Putting yourself in the same basket as your readers on the very start, will for sure make it easier for you to speak out, and for them to connect with your voice. After that it’s just normal that your tone evolves into that of an expert to a certain extent.

    I started with a blog about lifestyle and personal development. There you can hardly be an expert, but if your ideas and way of thinking resonate with the readers then they will likely follow your advice, or as I hope, just think about what you say.

    If I write more about blogging in the future (since it’s clearly a big passion of mine) I will have the advantage when it comes to positioning myself as someone who knows things in a way. But this will only be so because of my actual work in the lifestyle niche, and my gigs with guest posts on sites like this one, that I hope are going to be more frequent.


  • Simon Dodd

    So so true!

    There are far too many people out in the blogosphere that claim to know exactly what they are talking about but after reading a couple of their posts it is very clear that their knowledge is limited. I guess everyone has to start somewhere though and maybe one day those blogs will also be a valued part of the community.

    It is just a shame that some of these claim to be experts right from the start when they actually know very little.

    My point is that when you are just starting out it is wise to position yourself as someone just starting out and then grow from there!

    Guest blogging is great as well, I have done it a couple of times where I have done a guest post on someone else’s site and they have reciprocated back on mine. It is a great way for both of you to get more exposure and I really should do it more often 🙂

    Thanks for the post, keep up the good work,


  • Meka

    this post is an eye opener
    because i believe that the successful creation of a product can never happen before you understand your visitors very well
    thanks for the post 🙂

  • Bojan

    Knowing who is who can help you climb your way into the blogosphere more quickly.

  • Blogging Tips

    Looks as if we all have a lot of work to do now. You can never truly know your niche completely. It is always changing. Its key to keep up with those changes as they happen.

  • Jesslyn

    Thanks Ehsan. Thanks for the awesome post!
    would like to air my views on point 4- agree with you that the tone is very important. It sets the stage for the blog and what readers you are attracting. Let’s say if you are writing for a blog relating to happiness, it should ideally be in a happy and inspiring tone 🙂

  • Jesslyn

    Thanks Ehsan. Thanks for the awesome post!
    would like to air my views on point 4- agree with you that the tone is very important. It sets the stage for the blog and what readers you are attracting. Let’s say if you are writing for a blog relating to happiness, it should ideally be in a happy and inspiring tone 🙂

  • Slavko Desik

    Thanks Ehsan.
    You are right, though we can never know everything- it’s an ongoing process.

  • Ehsan @ GuideAndNews

    Hey Slavko,

    This is another awesome post from you here at Daily Blog Tips.
    As a Blogger it is important to know the niche and fulfill the visitors requirements.

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