How To Sell $30,000 Worth of eBooks in 2 Months


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A couple of weeks ago I came across an interesting case study from a guy who went from zero to $30,000 in sales with his ebook within two months. He didn’t have prior experience in with this type of business either, which makes it even more catchy.

Here’s a quote:

6 months ago, the idea of writing a book was inconceivable. I’ve never wanted to write a book. I didn’t think I had anything to say.

When I started–with research–what would become my next project, I was surprised. Not surprised at myself, that I had discovered some new ambition, but surprised at what people needed and how well I could meet that need. Me, a designer, not a writer.

See, by beginning my project with research rather than an idea, I found an opportunity. It wasn’t an opportunity I could have imagined nor one for which I would have intentionally searched. It was an opportunity that already existed out there–on the web, in tweets, on blogs, and appearing in the frustrations of certain people. (The audience I researched was programmers who are bootstrapping software businesses.)

You’ll find exact numbers of how the sales evolved over time, what kind of mistakes he did along the way and so on. Here’s the link to the full article: $30,000 eBook Sales In 2 Months. Make sure to check the comments and the Reddit discussion thread as well, and those contain some useful insights related to the post.

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7 Responses to “How To Sell $30,000 Worth of eBooks in 2 Months”

  • Entrepreneur Success Stories

    That was wonderful..
    $30.000 equals to 6 years blogging for me..

    I bet he’s lucky beginner..

  • Rheo

    I had a look at the link. The Ebook definitely offers timely and valuable information. As someone looking to drive traffic to my site, I noticed that there is no mention of how the traffic was initially generated.

  • Clare

    There are amazing opportunities in EVERY niche really once you delve deep into it. Some are easier to spot than others! Already knowing about that niche helps which it seems like this guy did – I mean I couldn’t write an ebook about programmers or programming – but if you ALREADY talk their language – then its easier to begin!

    That said, I think people are prepared to pay just for you doing the research for them – so long as you do a really good job of course – and only a % of the people searching – but thats what marketing is – numbers – you just have to make your product good and market it to those who are already looking for it and bingo 🙂

  • Ishank

    @ Mohamed Shajid
    First off, he did a deep research to identify his customers problems, and then he offered solutions. Additionally, he’d an incredible beginner’s luck.

  • Mohamed Shajid

    Seriously !!! :O Fully shocked how could it be?

  • PCCare247

    I did check out the link to your post. Its amazing how you were paid off of all your efforts. Great work.

  • Slavko Desik

    This is exactly how I feel from time to time- like not having a unique idea, but the moment I start researching for questions and keywords my potential audience would be interested in, I start discovering new and new ways how to satisfy their need.
    The interesting thing is that one can be surprised from all the creativity flow once getting started.

    Thanks for this article Daniel.

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