How To Search on Google+


Google+ might not be as large as Facebook (will it ever be?), but it is certainly gaining a lot of traction with the tech community. For one I already have more connections on Google+ after a couple of weeks using it than on Facebook after a couple of years.

Anyway a feature that you don’t have on Google+ yet is the search one. What if you want to find the profile of people who are not in your Gmail contacts? Or maybe you want to find all Google+ updates that mention your name or your website?

In order to solve this problem I came a across a nice little tool yesterday, called Google Plus Search. It’s basically just a search box where you input keywords and the results will come from stuff inside Google+. After you search you can also filter the results to only “Profiles”, “Posts”, “Google Reader” items and so on.


By the way, how are you guys liking Google+ so far? Are you finding it more useful/relevant than Facebook?

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6 Responses to “How To Search on Google+”

  • Lionel Bachmann

    I find it ironic to have a search engine company come out with social media, and not have a search function already embedded in it. I like the Google+ groups, because it gives you the control of interacting with only certain people. This is great for business, because you can send messages to only the customers that are interested in a certain product or service.

  • Rebecca

    I’m looking forward to using Google+ and helping clients use it as well. Facebook can become ‘sticky’ because you ‘have to’ create a personal or business profile in order to create a fan page; there’s no separation. While you can disable the ‘chat’ feature, your mom may call or email you and ask, “Why did you disable chat? How can I chat with you?” Lol!

  • sokun

    Great post, i think google + is really revolutionising social media

  • Brian Haferkamp

    Everything you read is about the 25 million users in one month and all that. It’s impressive, but people already know about social profile and sharing. And Google. It was kind of predictable, you know?

    I am exclusively on G+ because it just makes more sense to me. But, hey, I do web design and have a more techy bent — something you pointed out in the article. But Google makes plenty of products for mass consumption so I don’t think they’ll struggle in that area. I’ve yet to use some of the “cooler” features like hangouts and sparks because they’re not particularly useful, yet. Maybe that’s just me. Can’t wait to see where they take it.

    The real factor will be getting people to move over from Facebook; convincing them that their time on Facebook wasn’t a waste but they need to go to G+. Facebook seems to be going the way of MySpace and it’s a little sad. Too much personalization dilutes your product and you no longer control the space.

    They are being challenged by a beast that they can’t beat. That’s kind of the reality. More money, more resources, less dependence upon a small group of visionaries. Facebook is bound to slowly fade into the distance unless they start to really challenge Google in outlying areas (mail, search, etc.)

    Facebook is a one-trick pony that has dazzled the small town crowds. Now, the circus has come to town and it’s going to leave some sad clowns (metaphorically speaking) looking for work.

  • Irfan

    I don’t know if any off topic articles were published in DBT but since i’m reading this blog its my first one 😛

    Also, i would like to answer your question: “will it ever be?”. If you have heard about the users G+ is getting currently you will be amazed and would easily find the answer of your question.

    In its first two weeks of launch G+ have gathered around 2million users. This shows what future will bring G+ into.

  • Flawless House

    It is unbelievable how Google+ has taken off. Considering they have had a few flops with launches and this possibly could have been another one it seems to have been accepted and quickly promoted by all.

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