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Have you developed an App? Want to rank well with Google? Many people think that for your app to rank well with Google you need to have thousands of dollars and a bit of hope to hit the top 10 in your app category. For any app developer ranking highly in Google can seem daunting and a challenging feat. However, with the right know how it is possible to rank well in Google without having to spend too much money. The following is a guide on how to rank in Google apps without having to go broke doing it.

Ways To Rank Your App Well On Google

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize

For your app to rank well with Google you need to understand what’s in store at the end when your app is launched. It’s critical to understand the value of ranking at the top and how it’ll affect your decisions when faced with pressure to launch your app before it’s ready. It’s estimated that to make it to the top 20 you will need to achieve 15,000 installs per day and at least up to 25,000 installs per day to make it to the top 10 mark. You could spend money on getting the desired traffic to your app, however this can lead anywhere up to $2,500 per day. This can be costly. Some of the best ways to market your app for increased traffic is by utilizing popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You could pay a smaller amount to run ads about your app to help introduce it to people and to expose it more often. In time you will start to see more and more traffic being sent to your app.

Understand The Ranking Algorithm

Although the exact details on the ranking algorithm are closely guarded, there are a few things that you can do to help with the ranking process. These include:

– Launch Window – New apps tend to rank a lot easier than existing apps. This is because users want to try new things. Because of this you have a small launch window to work your magic. If possible, allow users to have a demo of your app before purchasing it. If it’s good quality and they like it, they will spend the money on it. The more installs you achieve the higher your rating will become. Launching the game in the morning also helps users find it easier when searching throughout the day.

– User Reviews – Although user reviews may not affect the backend of the ranking system, they will affect whether or not new users will want to use the app. Reviews of your app tells upcoming users whether it’s good or not. The more reviews you have, the more people will try your app, and the higher on Google you will rank.

Make It Social And Freemium

To help increase user and install demand, it’s important to market your game or app to social platforms and make it freemium for everyone to start using. Freemium refers to allowing everyone to play your game or app for free while offering a premium side where users will need to pay for certain items or features. Users love free apps, and the more users can access your app the more installs you will receive. This will help you move up higher in the Google app rankings.

Make Your App Versatile

There are many different apps which are only suited for a variety of devices. Creating an app which can be used in all devices such as computers, iPad, Tablets and iPhones can help your app reach more traffic. This in turn can promote more installs and popularity for your app as it can be used by everyone.

Use Proper SEO Techniques

When writing the description or text for your app online, it’s important to use proper SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques to help enhance its visibility on the web. SEO works by the use of certain keywords that represent your app. When people search for those keywords, when done correctly, your app should come up in the top search results. Mastering SEO does take some time and energy, but can be rewarding. Google Keyword Planner can be used to help choose the appropriate keywords.


When it comes down to ranking in Google apps, it’s important to understand there aren’t any easy ways to reach the top. It takes time, effort and some money, but when you do rank well in Google apps you will receive the rewards. So are you changing your marketing solutions?

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