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Having a lead magnet is a quick and easy way to get new blog subscribers. People love getting things and they love getting things even more when they read the word FREE labeled on it.

Did you know the money is in the list? Now I know you have probably heard that saying a million times before in the past and want to butcher it but calm down. No matter how much you might hate it, having an email list is necessary to propel your sites success forward.

The bigger the list the more money, the more traffic you can generate for your business. If you are looking for a one click way to make money online, an email list is your solution. Once you have set everything up you can literally just write a simple email, click submit and wait for the results to happen.

If you are wondering how to get subscribers you first must offer them something first. This is called a bribe. First of all lets get into the perspective of the possible prospects mind. Would you rather enter your email into a site if you were going to get something in return or if you were getting nothing out of it? Now a days with the increasing spam people aren’t just going to enter their email into a form. It isnt that simple, they are more wary of such things.

An easy thing you can do for your lead magnet is to make a short ebook covering something in your niche. Your ebook can answer a question, give tips or explain a certain topic.

If you are too busy and just don’t have time to make an ebook there are two things you can do. The first thing is you can get a few of your past articles that you’ve written (hopefully they are talking about similar things) and compile them into a quick ebook. For example if you are in the weight loss niche and you have a few fat loss articles that you’ve written prior you can get them, put them together in a PDF file, and call it something like ‘Fat Loss Tips For Dummies’. You have just made your own lead magnet in less than 20 minutes.

Now if doing the above is too much of a chore you can always outsource. Outsourcing means you get other people to do the tasks for you. Basically, you can outsource anything. In our case we are going to outsource a bribe for your email list.

I am going to recommend a few sites where you can outsource different things in your lead magnet.

Lets begin shall we?

Ebook Concept

Now we are going to brainstorm the idea of your e-Book. Go grab your self a notepad and write down your main niche or market in big letters at the top. Now begin writing down common problems in your niche.

For example if we go back to the weight loss example people want to lose weight, increase productivity, get more active, lose body fat and the list goes on. Pick any one of your niches problems and choose one that you would want to write on.

Ebook Cover

99 Designs: 99 Designs is a large site filled with thousands of designers ready to do work for you! They do everything from logo to t-shirt designs.
Fiverr: Fiverr is a relatively new site with a really cool concept. People offer to do any task for the cheap cost of five bucks. Yes that was not a typo! People will do things from being a tour guide, to holding up a sign in Times Square or in our case an ebook. If you think about it you can get the ebook and design done for ten bucks. Not bad if you ask me.

Ebook Content

Elance: Elance lets you outsource everything from the ebook cover to the actual content itself. If you want they can also market the ebook for you as well. This site seriously lets you outsource every little thing you want in your lead magnet or business.

Odesk: oDesk lets you outsource all your online projects. You only pay people by the hour so there wont be any hassles when it comes down to payment. Odesk seems like a great solution for long term things or more complex projects.


Make sure to check out all the sites listed above and see which one/s you like best. Remember to always take action because every day you wait, every day you are wasting money.

Do you guys recommend any other outsourcing site that I did not mention? Also, do you have any experience with the websites that were on the list? Please share in the comment section below.

About the author: Edwin is a blogger and avid tech enthusiast. He writes computer tips on his blog Follow him on Twitter today, @GuideGoodsBlog.

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7 Responses to “How To Outsource Your Lead Magnet or eBook”

  • DailyPhotographyTips

    I am looking for someone who can write post in my photography blog. I hope I can find somebody in those sites.

    Good share. Thanks

  • George Tee

    I think if your new in online marketing, you should build relationship with your clients. People would think your a generous and serious if you give out something valuable to you for free. That’s the best way to gain potential customers. Odesk is the safest place to outsource, it is legitimate.

  • Will Green

    I think the title ‘outource’ is a typo mistake 🙂 thought I would point that out

  • Justin | Mazzastick

    I would like to give away something free besides and ebook. What are some other alternatives?

  • Simon Dodd

    Great post Edwin!

    Another good tip for your “ethical bribe” s to have it on the front end of your funnel as a stripped down version of your product. For instance you create a short video series that you want to sell, you could easily transcribe the audio into an ebook and give that away on the front end before showing them the offer of the videos.

    Keep up the good work


  • Jerry

    Good compilation! I’ve used all of those options, and find them equally useful. It just depends on what you need. Fiverr is my latest go-to site for all the quick things I need done, but don’t feel like spending an hour writing up a project proposal.

  • Kristi Hines

    I definitely agree that, if you aren’t gifted in design, to always go with outsourcing it. Even if you can do a design, but it will take you eons to do it, then you’re better off using your time perfecting your product than messing around in Illustrator.

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