How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?


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It would be hard to find a person who never wondered how much money you can make by uploading videos to YouTube, especially if one of your videos go viral. That’s exactly what happened with the video below where little Charlie bites the finger of his brother:

The video is now the 6th most viewed all time, with close to 430 million views. If you exclude commercial videos this is the most viewed one. And how much money did the parents make by uploading it?

They didn’t reveal the exact number, but they said it was more than $150,000. Not bad for 57 seconds and a camera huh?

Here’s a quote from an article that appeared on the Daily Mail:

Now, like a growing number of other British families, Howard, 42, and his wife, Shelley, 40, are earning thousands of pounds from this and other Harry and Charlie videos – Charlie On The Scooter He Got For Christmas; The Accident, which features Charlie eating at the kitchen table, dropping a piece of food and biting his own finger instead; and Try Again, which shows their baby brother Jasper learning to walk by pushing a toy along the floor – in what is fast becoming a successful money-making trend.

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You can read the whole piece here.

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17 Responses to “How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?”

  • Vineet Saxena

    How did they manage to get such a huge sum? Google Adsense?

  • Brian

    For some niches it’s very hard to get accepted into YouTube’s advertising program.

    I’ve had YouTube send me messages suggesting I put ads on my videos; I then applied to the program and got a rejection notice saying to try back when I had more views…. I have millions of videos views, with my top video over 600k views, but they won’t let me monetize my content. I see other accounts with only tens of thousands of views becoming YouTube partners.

    It’s a hit and miss proposition, and I suspect it’s mostly based on the kind of content.

  • Movie Film Cool :)

    Oh, YouTube! It’s pure luck, because you never know what people will accept as the next “Charlie bit my finger”.

    But, of course, the best field is comedy or anything that is related to fun. When it’s good, you won’t even need any promotion, viewers will share on their own. 🙂

  • Nick

    Definitely I know some people who make good money but it’s hard work. Not discouraging at all but not everyone will make the next Charlie video. Combine YouTube revenue with other streams nd it’s gold.

  • Rajnish

    WoW!! making money from YouTube, Its really cool.

    Yesterday while lying on the bed I was thinking about the same, I actually never understand how they make money from videos and how to make video popular.


    That video is sooooo adorable!! And I, too, was wondering how you could make money from uploading such a video. Where, exactly, and HOW, do you display ads on your video? Inquiring minds need to know! 🙂


  • Web Marketing Tips

    Hey Daniel

    Why don’t you add one post about the procedure of earning through youtube.

    That will be great for your readers.

  • Web Marketing Tips

    One thing which I like about it is Passive income.

    Now they do not have to do anything … thousands of people added this video to their websites, funny blogs, kids blogs and many other.

    So now they are simply enjoying it and every time I saw this video … I smile 🙂

  • Razia Xpert

    How Can We Earn money from youtube. Please explain than i live in there any way that i can earn from youtube by working in Pakistan.?

  • Judy Caroll

    Loved the video;) I’m still amazed by how Youtube, which was just a pastime for millions of Web surfers before, has turned into a way to make a living. Several people didn’t start using it to make money, but what a lovely surprise. Thanks for sharing.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Kaylan and tushar, you can display ads on your videos and Google will pay you per click, very similar to AdSense.

  • Jesse Wojdylo

    Wow! I have had some success on YouTube but never over $150k for one video. The most views I have received was around 1600 and it did not make a ton of money. It doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying!

  • NiceBlogger

    It’s not bad $150.000, but I think that their main purpouse wasn’t this one (to win some money).This was just a lucky situation…

  • Leif G.S. Notae

    Whew, that is insane turnover. Great article here, always gets me thinking and dreaming about what I can do next. Not sure I will get to 150K for my works, but the dream is there.

    Fantastic, thanks for sharing with us!

  • tushar

    Same question as above. by uploading video how do you make money. does ad company contact for you for the promotion purpose

  • kalyan

    Question to Daniel: I really wonder how you can make money by posting videos on YT. Does YT pay you? Does it share it’s ad revenues with you? How much they pay you? It’s really interesting yet baffling to most of us. Any idea Daniel? An article on this on DBT will be highly beneficial to all of us. Thanks for the article. Lucky couple ..both in terms of kids and money..

  • jeff

    Wow. this is mind boggling. 150,000 for 57 seconds is close to infinite ROI in terms of time.
    They have found a gold mine!

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