Google Is Kick Starting 2010 with a PageRank Update


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It looks like Google used the new year’s eve to update the nominal PageRank around the web. My established websites didn’t experience any fluctuation, but I noticed that many of my recently created niche websites gained PageRank.

Most of them went from PR0 to PR2. I was surprised to see one of them jumping from PR0 to PR4 though, especially because the site is less than six months old.

What about you, did you notice any changes?

Finally, it looks like the frequency of the updates is indeed increasing. The last one was just two months ago (late in October), so keep an eye for the next one around March.

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71 Responses to “Google Is Kick Starting 2010 with a PageRank Update”

  • Arun Pal Singh

    Yes! They are doing it at an increased pace. I did not see any change in the ranks across my website.

  • Agent Deepak

    I got an update too. My PR is now 1. My blog is only 20 days old.

  • Eric C

    Wow, last time I checked, my PR was 0, now I’m up to four. Sweet!

    @Daniel: Do you recommend any specific tools to chekc PR? I just used a random website and I don’t think I want to use google toolbar.

  • Patrik

    @Keith Davis – I have a bit of links pointing to the site, I guess that is pretty important. I had some content to, It was just recently I decided to remove it because I will start over with a better website software.

  • Harrison

    Mine went from 3 to 4. Last time you did one of these stories my site went from 2 to 3. Interesting that another blog I visit always had higher page rank than I did but now they have gone down by 1!

  • Nancy D. Brown

    Thanks for the PR alert.
    My new niche travel blog went from 0 to PR2.

    “What a Trip” stayed a solid 5.

    Thanks for your very helpful Daily blog tips. Happy New Year to you.

  • Michael Martin

    One of my sites that’s brand new with no history and pushed live last week went to a PR4.

    It may have to do with a 302 I was using to redirect it the first week before that.

    Unfortunately PR doesn’t mean as much as it did 5 years ago other than simply caching and strength of a link from that page.

    ,Michael Martin

  • John Sullivan

    Skip page rank HAPPY Birthday Daniel πŸ™‚

  • uBid4it

    WhenI read this I thought wow but what a let down I to are just the same rank. Oh well maybe next year or maybe I’ll just look into why I didn’t.

  • Kevin @ Black Belt Marketing


    Mine jumped from 0 to 1. The site is about 3 weeks old.

  • Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Woo-hoo! I finally made it to 4. That only took 2 years. πŸ™‚ A wee mention in Woman’s Day magazine probably helped.

  • Mike Crimmins

    My blog is still at a Page 3, hoping to see an increase but no dice. However, a lot of the older articles now have 1 and 2’s which is new and I’ll take that.

  • AnastasiaCarroll

    That’s right. My both blogs’ reached 3 on Dec 31 πŸ™‚ that’s was great πŸ˜€

  • Dad of Divas

    Mine stayed at a 4… how does one go up from here?

  • Vlatko

    I got PR 5 but that is nothing in comparison to the fact that I got listed in and

    In other words you can’t get more authority than that. After seeing this I submitted my site to

    Long story short, it was amazing ending of 2009. I expect 2010 to be even more beneficial.


  • Fatin Pauzi

    Wow, PR 0 to PR 4? That’s really amazing. I’ve never experience that. Hope I could experience it one day.

    I’ve checked my blog PR. I got PR 0 to PR 1. Before this, it’s so hard to increase PR at my blog but after I follow your way which is update blog for 1-2 articles per day, my PR got increase. Thanks for sharing your method of blogging previously. I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  • Kang Yudiono

    My blog jumped from PR 2 to PR 3.
    It is a good motivation in new year for me πŸ˜‰

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Daniel
    Noticed yesterday that I’d gone from 2 to 3.
    Fairly new site, not much content, but I’ve worked hard on links.

    @Patrik – as you say there is no content, well very little content, on your site, but do you have a good number of links?
    I guess that lots of bloggeres who visit Daily Blog Tips know a fair bit about links….

    Or is pagerank getting easier?

  • Babak

    yeah..I was quite amazed too
    My blog is PR6 now πŸ˜€

  • Patrik

    I checked my pagrank after reading your post and noticed had gone from 2 to 3 even though I don’t have any content on the site at the moment. πŸ˜€

  • Henri @ Wake Up Cloud

    My new blog, which is around 4 weeks old went from PR0 to PR4. I have been guest posting a lot and commenting. It was a pleasant surprise!

  • Sherri Kruger

    I was shocked to see my newest site jump from PR0 to PR4 – it’s only 3 months old. My other blog remained unchanged at 4. Happy New Year!

  • Tom –

    I got a lot of my new logs to PR2, with one getting a PR1. Not a bad results since they are all only 2-3months old.

  • Cakephp Developer

    Thanks for sharing this.. for log time i was looking for same information and google has started ranking updates but my index page is not yet ranked up..

  • Sudeep

    No change with mine .. wow would love to have an slight increase in page rank.
    Thanks for the update

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Chris, keep in mind on-page optimization factors like meta tags, h1 tags, keyword density and so on do not affect your PageRank.

  • mohsin

    yes, one of my competitor’s site went from PR 0 to PR 6 and it is just 2 months old, I am still amazed at their efforts. They seem to be a worthy opponent πŸ˜‰

  • Chris Peterson

    Changing page rank in Google now dayÒ€ℒs common fact. IÒ€ℒve also notice few of my websiteÒ€ℒs rank increase 1 to 3.

    If we will do off page and on page according to Google page ranks algorithm then definitely we achieved high page rank

  • Gloson

    Thanks for notifying us, Daniel.

    Well, the pagerank of my blog, Gloson Blog, is still 4. I guess I need to post more quality articles frequently, which is one of my goals for 2010. LOL πŸ˜‰

  • GetBrowser

    My blog has jumped from 3 to 4.^_^

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