Get rid of the calendar


get rid of calendarMany blog templates or WordPress themes come with a calendar by default. This feature could be useful if you write content that is dependent on time. Someone writing about his journey across the Sahara desert, for instance, would need to have a calendar so that readers would be able to track posts in a chronological order and find posts of a specific day.

Most bloggers, however, write about topics that are not dependent on time. The first question you need to ask yourself is: “Will my readers benefit from having a calendar where they can click on a particular day and check what I have written on that day?”. The answer is probably “no” in most of the cases. The calendar, therefore, will only clutter your sidebar and confuse your visitors.

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10 Responses to “Get rid of the calendar”

  • Nimwey @ online jobs

    I think having a calendar on your blog these days are quite useless, people don’t seem to notice them anymore.

  • Daily Good Tips

    Yes, I think so and another reason is the calendar will make my blog’s time loading slower.

  • Bang Kritikus how to get rid of calendar in my blogspot ???

  • James

    So how do you get rid of it then?

  • Thilak

    Well.. Calender may not be useful for niche blogs like yours, but it does give a special attraction for personal blogs.

  • Bes

    Thanks for the idea and the response. Well, I put it there as it seemed like a way to get more readers to interact, since they might see a preview of what others are saying without clicking anything.

    It does seem to take a lot of space, though. I am thinking of either removing that section all together or having it show up as a collapsible/expandable link.

  • Daniel

    well, I think your site is well structured. You do have many items on the sidebar, but at least they are relevant to the navigation.

    One thing that I would remove, though, are the “latest comments”. I do not see a value on it, what is your reasoning for leaving it there?

  • Bes

    This is a good tip. It’s extremely important to keep any interface [or looks] uncluttered and easy to comprehend. This includes having less links and fancy things like a calendar or extra stuff that can be combined [like an about me page or a contact page on a single page].

    Take this site [Daily Blog Tips] for example. It’s neat so having those 3 links at the top is nice. However, my site is extremely cluttered in my view when it comes to navigation and thus even having those two [about & contact page] separate seems to be a waste of space for me.

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